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  1. Please note ChickpeaHummus that that egg is not considered Tiderunner. This is because I was stupid and did not send you the clan egg. However, I am willing to say that it will count as a CB mate.
  2. Wait- I have a better idea. You can have a clan egg as well as a CB mate.
  3. Okay. One little problem- I have not been able to obtain a water or deep sea. So I am going to do Aqualis-Red-finned Tidal. Tomorrow you will have Tiderunner hatchie. Egglocked right now.
  4. Adding you. I can't add only two sub-breeds because Xenowyrms produce random eggs. Question 1: Purebloods mean no ancestors not descended from the Lord and Lady pair of their clan. It's in the rules. That also means no CBs, so they will probably be inbred. Question 2: Please note that Clan Luminous does not contain whites, that's Clan Hailhaze. Yes, CB mates must be named as clan members. They are also treated as clan members. Sorry for the hiatus, my little sister had to take my laptop for school while she was isolating. Ah, Covid, destroyer of threads.
  5. SHOP Pygmies 2nd gen Kovos: 3 points (NO STOCK) 2nd gen Magelight: 3 points (NO STOCK) 2nd gen Common: 1 point (NO STOCK) Random CB: 2 points (NO STOCK) Splits 2nd gen Gilded Bloodscale: 3 points (NO STOCK) 2nd gen Split: 2 points (NO STOCK) Standards 2nd gen Mistra: 4 points (NO STOCK) 2nd gen Skystrider: 3 points (NO STOCK) 2nd gen Spinel Wyvern: 1 point (NO STOCK) 2nd gen Fever Wyvern: 3 points (NO STOCK) 2nd gen Galvanic Wyvern: 2 points (NO STOCK) 2nd gen Monarch: 2 points (NO STOCK) Random-bred
  6. A New Favored has been Nominated Potential Favored's Name: Chaosdawn Potential Favored's Clan: Thunderwitch Potential Favored's Contribution: CB hunter
  7. A New Clanmate has Joined Clanmate name: Chaosdawn Clan: Thunderwitch
  8. The lineage is supposed to be a clan system. So the lineage will be quite messy.
  9. I bred one of the initial pairs of Clan Luminous but it was accidentally auto-abandoned. If you have seen a dark lumina egg in the AP descended from the CB Guardian and Lumina pair Lord Feru and Lady Telune of Clan Luminous please return it. CB ember egg will be provided in return if wanted. If you don't have a Magi I will send you a trade and you can offer the egg in return for the Ember.
  10. Lady Merun of Clan Highhaven x Lord Starak of Clan Highhaven Waitlist: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Lady Telune of Clan Luminous x Lord Feru of Clan Luminous Waitlist: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Lady Vrakiss of Clan Thunderwitch x Lord Tyralic of Clan Thunderwitch Waitlist: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Favored Son Cul of Clan Thunderwitch x Consort Mara of Clan Thunderwitch Waitlist: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  11. So that's why my computer beeped and there were suddenly eggs in the coast. Grabbed one of the floaty blue ones. Unfortunately are scroll-locked after catching it. https://dragcave.net/view/hUoQx Floaty egg
  12. Dragon List 1. Lord Tyralic of Clan Thunderwitch https://dragcave.net/view/n/Lord+Tyralic+of+Clan+Thunderwitc 2. Lady Vrakiss of Clan Thunderwitch https://dragcave.net/view/n/Lady+Vrakiss+of+Clan+Thunderwitc 3. Lady Telune of Clan Luminous https://dragcave.net/view/n/Lady+Telune+of+Clan+Luminous 4. Lord Feru of Clan Luminous https://dragcave.net/view/n/Lord+Feru+of+Clan+Luminous 5. Clan Warrior Meerk of Clan Luminous https://dragcave.net/view/n/Meerk+of+Clan+Luminous 6. Favored Son Cul of Clan Thunderwitch https://dragcave.net/view/n/Cul+of+Clan+Thunderwitch
  13. Intro Brighteye: No longer do our children fly free in the sky! No longer can we feel the breeze on our muzzle! No longer can we do anything but fight and die! Yet do we resist? No. Because we have become beasts to the slaughter! We cower before their wrath like the sheep we eat! We do not have any spine, any nerve! We must fight for our ERROR Interrogator: ERROR Brighteye: ERROR Interrogator: ERROR RESETTING SYSTEM REDIRECTING TO FORM COMPILING Dragon 2334SUS Breed: Sunstone Age: Young adult Status: Deceased(battle) Gender:
  14. The War The first clan to reach 10 battle score wins the current battle. At the end of a battle the winning clan's members each recieve a CB or 2nd gen egg from my scroll. I will breed a Labradorite, Xol, Astaarus, Monarch, Hellfire, Nebula, Equinox or Sunstone as soon as I can, or find a uncommon or rare CB for each member. Alternately, you can have a CB Guardian, Black, Electric, White or Water(depending on your clan) as your gift egg. Eggs will be shipped as soon as possible. I will not hatch eggs for you. +1 battle score per egg hatched. +2 if Luminous, no score if land-bo
  15. FAQ Q: If I pair dragons from two clans together, which clan does the baby belong to? A: The baby belongs to the clan that it's species is a part of. A Electric dragon will belong to Clan Highhaven even if one parent is a Lumina of Clan Luminous, for example. The clan description contains info on the breeds that belong to each clan. Dragons not of your clan don't give points to anyone. If they are a breed not of either clan the mother's clan takes precedence. Q: Can I be a part of multiple clans? A: You can request a egg from any clan as a mate for a dragon, but your
  16. Clan Highhaven Green/Black Clan Highhaven is a proud clan. They are often vicious and brutal, and they endlessly prepare for war. Most of their offspring are forced from the shell early, and those who hatched on their own are viewed as pampered. Still, they present a unified front to their foes. Bonus: +2 score for forced eggs that survive. No penalty from forced eggs that die. Unforced eggs gain no score until they grow up, then earn score as normal. Clan Luminous Guardian/Lumina Clan Luminous see the other clans as children in need of guidance from their
  17. THIS LINEAGE IS PENDING, BUT FEEL FREE TO REQUEST EGGS IN ADVANCE. 1 pair will grow up in ERROR NO GREENS Intro A long time ago the clans lived in harmony. But now they jockey for superiority among themselves. The war rages and each clan fields warriors to pull power towards them. In the midst of the war raging in the land of Teremore, all must pledge loyalty to one clan or another or face five foes instead of four. Rules A clan member must obey the following rules. Any who disobey these rules three times are banished from their clan and their name