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  1. Ahh, thank you very much; I didn't even think to try that.
  2. Have: A Blue Nebula hatchling Female Time left: 4d 4h Want: A Purple Nebula hatchling Preferably a cave born one Gender doesn't matter (P.S. As I'm still fairly new, I don't have a Magi dragon so you'll also need to be able to start the trade. Apologies.) Edit 2: hatchling grew up...
  3. Ahhh, I'm sorry I didn't respond to this one first, but thank you very much! (I can't seem to edit an extra quote into a pre-exsisting post so I'm sorry about the double posting.)
  4. That is very useful, thank you! I don't have much experience on forum sites so I'm sorry about all the questions. Also, I don't mind; I actually use the wiki all the time so I know what I'm doing or what to look for with eggs. But thank you again, I didn't realise Pinks could be used this way!
  5. Ahh I see thank you very much, hopefully I'll stumble upon one eventually - I would just feel bad for making you do that. I'll probably just keep this blue neb incase I get a Ridgewing so I could still possibly get a Carina. Alrighty, thank you. Is there a way to search for specific topics in the subforums without searching the whole site? I just don't want to post in the wrong thread and searching 10 pages with 20+ threads is a bit hard to navigate. Ahh I found the Cave Born one, thank you for mentioning this option as well.
  6. Hi there, I was just wondering if the Magi dragon is 100% necessary to be able to actually start a trade in the hub? I ask because I would like to trade my cb blue nebula hatchling for a cb purple one, however, I have no option to start a trade no matter where I go I am able to offer on other's trades (none have ever been accepted lol), but not start my own, which I feel makes this search for a cb purple nebula hatchling harder.