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  1. I try to do that as often as possible when I catch someone's offspring from named parents - if not, sometimes I go a little further back in the line. It makes it fun to carry on some things from the past, and helps me figure out names for all my little dragons. Yeah. I like having them all named. It's a thing with me.
  2. They're slippery little buggers, those Hollies. Clicking, and clicking, and clicking, and nary a one to be had, in spite of the many seen. Alas! Clearly, my fingers are getting old and slow. *shakes cane at all the young'uns* Gerorff mah egg-grabbin-porch!
  3. I know its been said over and over, but still - wanted to voice my appreciation to all those involved with spriting, organizing, and implementing the egg hunt. We all had fun with it in our house, and we all managed to fill our baskets. The eggs are absolutely beautiful, every one of them. Lots of imagination and creativity went into them, you can tell. Thank you again!
  4. Member No.: 23,933 Joined: 3-December 08 Oddly enough, started playing end of October, but didn't visit the forums until later. And even then, for the longest time, only sporadically.
  5. Tried it once. Killed two eggs, didn't affect the other, will not use it again. Just not worth it, especially if you have hard to get eggs. Would much rather have a BSA that nurtured the hatchlings to cut a day off that. >_>
  6. Interesting. Username is a female cb black. http://dragcave.net/view/n/Nathicana Realname is a male skywing? o_O;