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  1. What people must understand is, tracing is heavily frowned upon and doesn't make you learn that much for the way of improvement. Come up with your own poses and styles and be inspired by others, not copying or tracing. Images off google and DA are not public domain (unless explicitly stated) and tracing other people's work or photos is explicitly copyright infringement because the licensing of said images might not allow derivative works. It does not fall under fair use this way. Fair use is redistributing the unaltered source material for educational purposes and not just something you can take off and trace/etc. By all means, use images to study in private, but posting them is not allowed unless you own the drawings or they are released for public domain. To use anyone's art that isn't public domain you need to purchase a license or ask permission. Taking images from google doesn't make them free to use. You have to realize tracing other people's art (and photos), and heavily referencing poses is art theft (even if "you can't copyright a pose" because while you can't, it's in poor taste to copy someone else exactly instead of being inspired or coming up with stuff on your own since you DO own a brain (at least I'd hope)). I should also mention: the issue isn't "poses". It's the fact that they traced pictures that were not free to use. It does not make it okay in the slightest. Artists put a lot of hard work into their craft and for others to blatantly trace and rip off from others is extremely low and downright deplorable. People who have skills and talents should do their own things, not steal from others. The artists had every right to feel the way they feel because art theft isn't a nice thing to happen to you. I've had my art commissions that I purchased with my own money be copied, traced, and heavily referenced and it hurts because these are all pieces made for me and for no one else's use but my own. Just like these dragons are made FOR ALL OF YOU TO ENJOY OUT OF THE SPARE TIME OF THESE ARTISTS, they have the same feelings of violation of their hard work. So please look at it from an artists' perspective and see that you're undermining their feelings just because you can't "see" what they're feeling upset about. Educate yourself about art theft. Art theft isn't just tracing or referencing. Images can be stolen, altered, sold, reprinted. That's just the start of it. Ignorance isn't an excuse.
  2. I haven't caught any cb metals myself in all my years. Been here since 2008, never caught any or seen any myself </3 all of my metals were gifted or traded for. OTL I gave up long ago trying to search. I yield nothing.
  3. They're just pixels to me so I don't care what people do to them. I've tried experimenting and failed a bunch so I'll have to eventually trade for them. I love biting dragons though. It's exciting to take the risk. I also very rarely breed dragons and I bite dragons whose blood I don't want in the AP pool. I also like the vampire sprite a lot so yeh.
  4. Having hard time finding any Heartseekers/Marrows or Rosebud/Marrows =u= TOo many inbred eggs. ;-; The valentine hunting isn't going all that well for me hah.
  5. all 3 of my cb golds (they are old) have now officially refused over 100 mates including: most of my cb holidays, my GoNs, all of my cb xenowyrms, and a lot of my uncommons. A lot of these dragons I cannot catch on my own or replace. \o/ I'm starting to think of just killing them all and resurrecting them as zombies (maybe) like I did my Silver (because he did the same thing--refused things and never made any shinies for years). //pats the undead silver 8))
  6. I was basically gifted with a CB gold in exchange for one of my hatchlings. Q__Q bows forever to the person who was kind to me <33 I'm really thankful because all 3 of my current CB golds (who are like idk 3-5 years old???) have refused over 100 mates and have not popped out any shiny children in years. ;______; crying happy tears prays plz let this new gold girl produce lots of shiny kids
  7. I caught a 2nd gen from a spriter's alt. Is that worth anything? Here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/DMhvO
  8. All 4 of my CB metals refused every single one of my CB Xenos :}}}} and honestly, all my CB metals tend to refuse most dragons I give them or give me no shiny eggs. None of them have produced golds or silvers in the many years I've had them. I killed my silver cb male and he is now a zombie.
  9. When all the pretty low-gen shimmer and tinselkin vampires I make repulse :}}} I want to build up my collection from new prize lines but they keep getting kicked!
  10. I have two more CB Xenos I'm growing up so I'll try those next week OTL I can't really trade for CB metals or find them in the caves so I'm out of luck on acquiring new ones. I was hella POed at my CB silver for never producing eggs, refusing mates, and all that so I killed him and he is now a rotting zombie :'))) I honestly feel like doing that to all my metals. They have not given me metals in all these years.
  11. When your CB metals refuse every single one of your CB Xenos Doesn't help that I only have 3 cb metals :\ Getting CB metals is like finding unicorns.
  12. Does earthquake affect eggs and hatchies or just eggs? I been wanting to try it out for awhile now but I'm afraid of killing my hatchlings.
  13. What could I get for a paper hatchling? I just want to finish my Xeno and Gemshard collecting but I'm having some trouble ;;
  14. Expect to see me here often since I've missed 3 years... Is a CB ice worth a CB gemshard? I don't know the rarities of either. OTL
  15. Is there any worth of 2nd gen Xenowyrms? if not, I can probably just put them in the departure board.
  16. What's the big deal about Z codes? I don't see them as anything special? O_o I find them all the time and just...idk what the deal is and why people want them.
  17. Found out a little too late that an egg I had a while back was worth more than what I traded it for. *facepalm* I haven't been on DC for almost 3 years so yeah... ;-;
  18. Misclicked a winter and missed a Xenowrym because I was egglocked :/ Thats the first Xeno I've seen since I've been back. Of course. OTL Been trying to trade for them with what little worth I have and its so hard. @__@
  19. Catch a CB rare on my own (hah) Collect all the eggs I've missed out on over the last 2 years Bite all the new pretty low gen shimmerkin/tinselkin of new lines that have been out. Finish organizing my scroll in a way that appeals to me.
  20. Nearly 9 years on Drag Cave and never caught a CB gold or a CB silver I never even seen them in caves...maybe once or twice? But yeah never caught a rare egg on my own. Had to either trade them or get gifted. =w= (I was only recently gifted 2 cb golds in the last few years, otherwise nothing on my own.)
  21. I forgot about Halloween... so I missed the release for CBs, I missed being able to turn my 5 dead adults into Zombies and whatnot... Goes to show how my interest in DC is pretty much gone. I'm hoping I don't forget about Xmas.
  22. Bred this little guy as the last in my deadline I started nearly a year ago. I don't have anymore CB coppers to continue it so this guy is my last. Successfully summoned my third GON today even though I have 2 already and thought "what the heck" and it happened. I don't even really come on here anymore so these are nice little things.
  23. Thank you to Eri who's given me lots of really nice things. You are awesome!! =D And no I won't stop naming everything you give me "Erica". It's FUNNY. *splatters you with glitter and confetti and Blunae*
  24. I don't know if this has been suggested already, but I don't think its fair that people who have won a CB prize (tinsel/shimmer only) should be eligible for the next raffle/lotto. In the off chance (improbable, but still possible) chance they win again, it's completely unfair for those of us who never won once at all. They've had their glorious win already, let others have a shot at a prize! They can easily get 2G swaps from everyone else unlike those of us who have no trading power cannot. The 2Gs are for the elite (CB prize owners) and those with trading power or catching skills. Now it comes to light that what if someone catches an abandoned prize? Should they be eligible? Maybe. It's pretty subjective and I don't have a reliable answer. But I think winning/ once is improbable enough--twice? Now that's just shooting us who didn't win in the back. I apologize if my opinion is rude, but I don't feel like it's fair should this improbable event occur. D: