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  1. I get that to it's normally when I reload the abandoned eggs tho..
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    Oh okay I thought it was overall thank you!
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    Hello, so I just got 50 dragons and I did not get a trophy for it so I came back to check after about 10 min and it's still not there. Am I doing something wrong, if so please help. (Thank you!)
  4. YAY thats great to hear!!!
  5. Hi so sorry it's not a problem but so I'm new right so I was wondering what the rarest type was and it said celestial dragon is that true?!?!?!? Because I have one and I got it from the one's out side of the cave and all I would like to know if its true or not. 😱
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    Animal Jam

    Is it just me or has anyone ever played Animal Jam? If so how did you like the game overall? Because I remember it being like an online thing and dressing up your animal/avatar. My favorite part has to be when you had to go on little quest to help fellow animals which I thought was cute. I have not played it in years and I just remembered it suddenly and made me think of how long ago it was for me.
  7. Hope every thing goes well. Be safe !😊
  8. Better safe than sorry . I would however look into your overall stress and how you eat mainly because stress can impact how you feel and it can cause headaches soft/liquid stools and more. As for the eating if you can think if you have been eating differently that can cause your stomach to have weird bowel movements but it will start to be normal again after a few days . ( NOTE: I am not a doctor, but I have had similar things happen to me )
  9. I had a dream two nights ago right after I joined DC and it was so weird I was and abandoned chided outside of my home and it freaked me out when I woke up and got and abandoned egg.