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  1. Perfect timing for me to be totally free of eggs. Yay new dragons!
  2. Daaaaang...thank you for posting this, this looks great!! I never would've known about it. I'm disappointed that it won't end up on a console, but it still looks fun. We're in dire need of more games where YOU play as the dragon.
  3. I personally don't mind having CB "bitten" Vampire dragons, but...I would certainly not complain about having the opportunity to get a true CB. Even if only under special circumstances.
  4. Thanks, guys. Good to know my villagers won't move on before the next time I play, I've really come to like the ones that have moved in thus far. That Twitter thread was very interesting too...I figured villagers you had high friendship with wouldn't ask to move out at all, but it doesn't seem that's correct.
  5. I'm loving the bluish dragon so far...and the description for the gray dragon is so cute! Got just one of the gray dragon eggs thus far, but that gives me four eggs total and I don't want to be scroll locked already, heh.
  6. So what happens to your villagers when you've been gone for some time...do they eventually move away? Or does your island just become infested with weeds~
  7. Everybody Wants to be a Cat from Aristocats. ♥ We briefly have Disney+, so let's just say I'm getting my fix before it's gone! I forgot what awesome music all the Disney movies had.
  8. I managed to see a Flow egg that sat for some time at one of the five minute marks. Did I grab it? Nope - instinctively grabbed the Cheese egg instead. Good job, me.
  9. You know, I've managed to use computers my whole life without wading into the dreaded BIOS...guess it's time to get over that fear. Once I added BIOS to my search terms I did indeed find the steps to do it for Dells...so I will have to give it a shot. Thank you for your help! I didn't want to have to do anything particularly fancy (like changing things in the computer's BIOS), so I had been using Ctrl + R for the time being...but that is not a particularly comfortable position on my keyboard either. It's more doable than Fn + F5, but I still can't cave stalk for long holding my hand that way. Thank you both. ❤️
  10. This is kind of an odd question, but since players here may have experienced the same issue, I thought maybe I would try asking here real quick... I have a Dell laptop running Windows 10. I want to be able to use the F5 key to refresh browser pages like you normally would. However, all of my F1-12 keys require me to hit a "Fn" key beforehand (so I have to hit Fn + F5 instead of just F5). This is not feasible for stalking the cave...my fingers can't stretch that far lol, and I need to have one hand on the mouse obviously to click on an egg. Is it possible to disable having to hit the Fn key first, so the F5 key works normally? I've tried googling this and am not getting a lot of help (maybe I'm just not using very good phrases to search...I don't know). The only thing I was able to find on Google was to look for a lock icon on my keyboard to lock the Fn button...but my keyboard doesn't have that. There is no lock icon anywhere.
  11. I admire your endurance very much. My ADHD brain nearly exploded trying just to comprehend that long of a hunting spree! (Oh and I caught my very first one of the new eggs, yay...but now want to leave a spot open for other rarities I'll hopefully come across)
  12. I've got so many breeds to catch up with, really the only thing I'm trying to achieve right now is learning them all (which egg is which and such). Otherwise it's just all about slowly rebuilding my scroll...which will take some time.
  13. I was wondering why I was clicking on so many weirdly colored Xeno eggs in the hatcheries...thought it was just a color I happened to not discover yet. Awesome.
  14. ouch...that’s such a pretty lineage too!
  15. You know, I’m so not used to having a trading section on the site that I completely didn’t think to check...and wouldn’t you know it, I popped in there and found someone looking for a CB Summer for their CB Spring hatchling! Thanks so much for the reminder. It all worked out.
  16. Well okay, so I ended up seeing (and catching) my very first CB Seasonal today....JUST BARELY TOO LATE. Since the first day of summer was yesterday. ! Had good enough luck to catch the CB...but darn, I wanted to grab just one Spring before I had to wait all year. So I'm considering this bad luck as well!
  17. I used to play a LOT of League of Legends...for probably a good three or four years straight. But the community started to act just too aggressive for me. The friends I played with were all pretty cool, but if we’d get a couple randoms on the team that took the game too seriously (or people on the opposing team), it’d ruin the experience for me. I play to have fun. I know they’ve really improved on ways to quiet people down since then, but I still won’t go back. When I did play though, I mained support. If that was taken I’d usually default to ADC or top.
  18. I like "List of Eggs." Or something along the lines of "Egg Identification." Those are the most intuitive for me.
  19. I just put my eggs and hatchlings in my signature 'in the order that they were received,' and... Oops...accidentally made my eldest hatchling the third wheel. And he doesn't appear to be too happy about it. (Also it's been so long since I've regularly sat at a real computer that I had to hunt around for the print screen key....yikes lol)
  20. I don't play this game, but I come here periodically to click on everybody's growing creatures. Just wanted to drop by and say how gorgeous the artwork is...it's tempting me to join very much!
  21. @Chaosdawn that's really pretty. Congrats! ===== My current 'yay' moment is that I just caught my first rarer dragon since returning to DC...managed to snag a Thunder dragon out of the Desert today. (Still no CB Spring though, arg!)
  22. Wow, that's certainly a big change since I've been here last! Great to know, thank you very much, guys. @ComatosedRoses @purplehaze
  23. I've been gone so long that I don't remember: is it possible to obtain CBs of past holiday breeds? And/or are you able to buy them with the new Market?
  24. My current bad luck is merely the fact that I've stalked the Forest region high and low in search of a CB Spring before they switch over to Summer...and I haven't seen hide nor hair of one. Not even missing them, just flat out failing to see them at all (though I wouldn't put it past me to miss one when I see one, I'll be so surprised...).
  25. @Amberfly I never even knew you could make a lineage that shape...’grats, that’s so pretty.