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  1. Just killed 5, revived them all, and got no zombies. oof.
  2. anybody know how many times i have to try to kill a dragon before it actually dies/ becomes a zombie?
  3. Ohhh Thank you for the info! And sorry for being so noob-ish lol I'm new around here, so I don't know much ^^
  4. Agreed! That sounds really neat. (wasn't here in 2016 but still sounds really cool)
  5. But... what if they don't have a vampire to use the bite BSA on?
  6. Wait, so than how do others get vampires if they don't already have one?
  7. I have a grand total of 45 tricks and treats! My favorite is the little among us reference ^^
  8. oh my thosands is... a lot! What I do is I look at the code and be like "Hmm, what shall I name ya?" like for example: I named the one with the code "KsWIS" to be "Kaswis"
  9. I, Morphie agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  10. you need to collect all the runes in all the puzzle rooms ^^
  11. Honestly probably just random things I've found- gems on the floor? Mine. Some random sword that was left behind? Add it to the pile. But other than that, maybe art supplies like paint and colored pencils- though it'd be hard to draw with those huge claws in the way...
  12. I thought it'd be pretty neat to make some sort of badge about it, but then I realised: wait, do other people do this? %100 of all dragons (except eggs, for obvious reasons) are named- granted, I don't have as many as some other people, but I intend to keep that up! Anybody else name all their dragons? And if you don't, what are some neat names you've gotten?
  13. I only have 13 treats so far ^^ really hoping to get all 50! and hopefully some halloween eggs, since I'm egglocked at the moment. (didn't prepare for the event in any way)
  14. There's a participation badge that I got ^^ (the Trick-or-Treat one) but it seems for now the badge is just for those who've completed it, which really stinks but if you'd like to give it a shot, here's a guide that helped me out a whole lot ^^ https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Currently_Being_Released#Puzzle_guide
  15. Anybody known the second cauldron combo?
  16. I got this far and now I have no idea what to do without messing it all up :-:
  17. still struggling with the 4X4 rune puzzle :-:
  18. did you pick them up in that order?
  19. same lol I feel like im just dumb- I cant do the godforsaken matching puzzle
  20. this is just the farthest I've gotten I REALLY need help 😧
  21. Is anybody else really struggoing with the ending puzzle? at least i hope its the ending- the matching one?
  22. so this was unintentional. i forgot to add my eggs to a hatch site. and now they have 11 10 hours left to hatch. so i guess lets hope a neglected comes from this? and idk if this is the right forum category but hhhhhhhh edit: well im rolling with it and gonna try to do this now
  23. Some of my all-time favorites: The Karen Qte Aloto Teetsi Feoini