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  1. ...Uh. The size of your mom. Seiss will come along with it shortly.
  2. I feel sorry for the Marrows. Have you SEEN what flamingo nests look like?! XB
  3. Why not? Works for me. It's more in a little organ called a crop...but the technicalities are superfluous unless you're a biology geek like me. |3
  4. I like portraying squishy females, I suppose, mostly because I myself am not squishy at all! Besides, Seiss and I pull our anatomy from reptiles and birds, hence the hideous hatchlings and the flashier male. Also, they totally hork down food and store it in their throats to throw it up for their squealing spawn. It's pretty nasty. <3
  5. Oh man, serious ego boost up in this thread. It's awesome that you guys like them! In response to the 'negative' critique (don't be shy to offer it), the female sprite was actually a lot older than the male, between 6 months and a year (I have dreadful memory, shush). After a time like that, the little bugger grew on me, despite the flaws, so I freely admit that she's not as skillfully done as the male. We really struggled with these, and have been sitting on them since March this year...FINISHED, mind you. That's not considering the ages it took to actually progress through them. I had to fend Seiss off the male's butt with a stick because she wouldn't stop fidgeting. Somehow we kept them secret the ENTIRE TIME, and the only trace to the 'public' would have been the unshaded version of the female from almost two years ago. ANYWAY, have a super-long post because the birdy is tired. Thankyou guys!
  6. WITTY TITTE, TJ. Or should I say tittie? :3
  7. >.> I just want to say that I only coloured and shaded, yo. The concept, it ain't mine. So if you draw that particular concept, it's your art. I'm not in on the concept. So don't ask me unless I am <3
  8. Oh my god <3 I want to art trade. =3=
  9. Actually, pinks are hyper and have a hint of mischief. They could potentially be devastating if you make it fun for em.
  10. Aw, no fun. X3 I've never done it before, and I saw a video of a dude rickrolling a telemarketer. I was sadly inspired. On topic, I'm all for a textbased battle system. I do NOT want to end up making sprites for battling dragons...
  11. Well, as far as pinks go, I thought that I could increase the popularity by making new poses and such. The sketch is huge, and I have no idea how to work Ed´s computer, so here
  12. I would like it if people would stop using my name as a proxy for their own arguments. I agree with this thread, but not completely. They're gentle and quiet, but the description IS outdated.
  13. Goik, rather than offering whole plushies, you could perhaps design kits to make them--kits that could be replicated easily. If you went for that, though, I might have to ask for a small cut, because I really need a little money. ;;
  14. Sif! Take that off and hide it away! D: I won't allow that as anything less than a dragon sprite. X3
  15. And if it were female--female greens have forked tails. X3 That, Komodo, is perdy. Do another. X3
  16. Totally. Also, hey, even if we go over...We'll make a new album of defaults! This is fun. Who knows, some of the more prolific artists might even end up making their own avatar albums.
  17. Dude, I seriously didn't see that. But...I'm not colouring them. What are the rules on that? >_>
  18. What's that, brain? Dove has a huge collection of drawings she just did that Nakase will colour for her? AND that they're all conviniently avatar sized? Oh my. http://laughing-dove.deviantart.com/art/Av...Lines-127494881
  19. Beanies. :B (I just like them a lot (two words, not one). X3)
  20. People! I just had a thought. Some people, like me, don;t like plushies as much as...beanies. I personally like the smooth fabric better than the fluff, as well as the SQUISH which is awesome. Why dont we make some beanies, too? They'd be a whole lot cheaper.
  21. The unicode on the hatchlings and genders also irritates me in that I cannot see it. I simply find it a case of straws on the camel's back--this is the last one. :/
  22. Guys, I REALLY think that having to download something additional for something that would become part of the baseline game is not a good idea. Is it really worth irritating literal hundreds with illegible glyphs in exchange for a tiny bit of saved space? It's one image. I'll do a little one, just to show you.
  23. It doesn't even work in firefox for me. :/ Honestly, I think an image is fine. If it's a black pixel etching reduced and compressed, it's not going to do much, right? And it's so awful to just not be able to see it, and it really messes it up for us. :/