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  1. Yes, they have a bronze trophy. Well that's odd, I just went back to check their scroll and I can accept the trade now. Huh
  2. They offered a hatchie but they have room for 1 more egg.
  3. I'm trying to give an egg away for free and there was an offer. For some reason I can't accept the trade 😕
  4. I have several dead eggs on my account and I will have more as I am trying to make a neglected dragon. It would be nice to remove them, but I can't figure out which dragon can expunge eggs. Can someone help me?
  5. I'm full, but I have an egg about to hatch in a day maybe. If you still have it, you can hold it if you want.
  6. I know that you need a Magi Dragon to use Teleport, but how do you get one? Thank you