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tumblr_p67rwuePkl1va4myho8_500.png.1c77089afae487ae7c9cbebf5e2581c3.png I'm just here for the dragons honestly


Scroll // Aeon Hoard // Cloudplume Hoard // Good children


tumblr_p0gg6loWK11va4myho1_640.png.0602e747d8f5e361cd2484575268533b.png Best place to find me is in the official discord, i'm incredibly active there!!!


Prosper List: Temporarily closed


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    иιgнт ¢нαиgєѕ#0723

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    in bed probably
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    [ Adrien // 19 // Male // ADHD - Autistic // ]

    I like one direction.


    I collect cloudplumes and aeons (not messy/inbred, those usually get frozen)!!! I also like "oso", "adri", ososan codes!! and codes in general hehe

    i'm active in official!!!

    i also run https://bad-dragcave-ideas.tumblr.com/