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    [ Adrien // 18 // Male // ADHD - Autistic // ]

    Hello!! I'm Adrien, or Oso!! I like a lot of things, like Osomatsu-San, Pokemon and dragons!!!! I actually suck at intros so uh. I'm rly chill, and i don't bite!! i'm in the official discord too!! i'm rly active on my tumblr!!

    I can also be found here: (https://sta.sh/027yepu9vull)


    I collect aeons primarily!! I also collect codes and as of recently, glacewings and daydreams!! (i don't accept messy/super inbred aeons sorry;;)

    (I breed firedoves (https://dragcave.net/view/xSxKK x https://dragcave.net/view/9k3hj) on rq)

    -- I rly like "oso" or ososan related codes!! --