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  1. Just now, miaou said:

    i'm actually envious of this experience...!

    it was pretty cool to see all of it played back, but for a second i was afraid i'd have to do it over again before it worked properly

  2. 4 minutes ago, RMMC said:

    Use Ctrl +R for a fast...ish...refresh and keep your finger on the Ctrl key, so when you click your mouse it makes a new tab

    .......... all these years and i never knew ctrl+r refreshed. 

  3. Just now, Firebirdwyvern said:

    I noticed there was a lot of people in the Jungle, you could maybe try a biome with less traffic. 

    theres no such thing as a biome with less traffic right now, im afraid. LMAO

  4. 14 hours ago, jengatower said:

    haven't been able to find a lot of pipio pigmies for a lineage project :') everyone says they're common but i barely see them

    i'm always selfishly yoinking them from the AP to freeze because i love the s1 sprite (i have a mini army) but i very rarely see them on the AP myself, let alone CBs. i had to specifically look for them and even then it took me a while to find any as well when i needed CBs, so i'd say theyre on the slightly more uncommon side.

  5. On 9/24/2021 at 3:40 PM, Pasifeon said:

    anyone who also name magi like this? xD

    i'm going to have to start now XD 


    15 hours ago, ShorahNagi said:

    Was looking through some of my Prize dragon's descendants and came across one with other prize parents that made me (temporarily) remove my Prize dragon's name for the purpose of this screenshot

    i have a 2015 bronze tinsel that i didnt give a custom code to who i breed with a radiant angel very often... if only i had the foresight to give her a code name back then ..! she would have fit right in.

  6. oh crap... i stayed up last night because i knew there was going to be a release, had an empty scroll and everything, and got carried away talking to someone and playing pokemon... 😕 but i caught 4 of each already! im glad theyre still flooding... thanks all!! 

  7. 2 hours ago, Aqre said:

    Thank you for all the replies, I will use that wiki from now on using that description. Also thanks for all the advice! 

    be careful not to give it views too early in its life, though! fresh eggs can get sick easily, i see you have some things on your scroll that are starting to gain views and are only an hour old, so im afraid that theyre going to get sick and die :( just be careful, i'd wait a couple hours (some people wait a full day) before they start to give it views! 

  8. 8 hours ago, GhostMouse said:

    :( I was looking forward to finally being able to edit mine once I reached level 10. I don't post all that much, so it's been a goal for a long time.


    It seems like such a weird thing for Invision to remove.


    i agree with this... im bummed. i hope they come back :( 


    3 hours ago, Solaries said:

    Since those are his official pairs, I wonder if he has new pairs from some of the newer dragons... 🤔 All the same, I still have to catch up (if I can).


    the only thuwed pairs are the ones that are on that page, that and some vampires. (i forget the codes and im too lazy to go look XD

  9. 12 minutes ago, HeatherMarie said:

    Just a note, while Sinos are 'influenced' by the gender of the Zyus that actually do the Summoning (meaning the ones shown when on the Summon action-page), it is *not* a guarantee. If you have even 1 female among the ones doing the Summon it can turn out female.  (I believe there have even been cases of all-males summoning female Sinos, though I'm not sure where that was posted.)


    i would love to do some testing on this, but i would have no idea where to post my results. 

  10. 4 hours ago, Meh said:

    My total result is 1 escape, 1 hatch and keep, 1 unaffected (from the last screenshot as I run out of Greens) and EVERYTHING ELSE DEAD (I can't remember how many I tried exactly but it's at LEAST 10 deaths so far).

    This is when anyone would start having an urge to flip tables. 


    this breaks my heart to see. that is truly unfortunate. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Dohaerys said:

    Do keep in mind, the hatchling descriptions. The s1 keeps trying to jump into flames.

    When the s2 is on fire, one could assume that the s1 has finally succeeded and jumped into flames, setting itself on fire. In a world of fire breathing dragons, it would not take long for you to find something that’s on regular fire somewhere… Though, admittedly, I do see how this is really vague currently with the current hatchling descriptions...


    Also, I’ve seen people discuss the pyropellis breathing fire, which they are unable to, as it says in their description “unable to produce their own flame” - which is why they have sort of have the adopt other dragons’ flames


    Regarding “why X water-aligned dragon doesn’t make them bald”: when deciding mates, I decided to go by only the sprites, not what a description might suggest, as sprites are the most solid representation of a dragon.  The water extinguishes the flames of a pyropellis, because there is water explicitly within the water dragon sprite, and as such the pyropellis, in its current form, would have to make contact with that water in the water dragon’s sprite. Other purely aquatic dragons don’t show water within their sprites, and would make it really confusing if anything but explicit water in a sprite were used: for examples, would Xols ignite or extinguish a pyropellis? What about Aranoas which are amphibious?

    It’s for similar reasons that the spitfires don’t change flame color: they might breathe blue fire, yes, but if we assume the spitfire sprite is mating with the pyropellis sprite, the spitfire would have to actively choose to breathe fire, to change the pyropellis’ color. And why would it choose to randomly breathe fire while mating? For similar reasons, as almost everyone at this point has figured out, explicit flames within a sprite are better clues

    Lastly amarignis flames don’t change pyropellis flame color, because myself and the other spriter of the amarignis both agreed that they are not flames in the conventional sense but rather magic manifesting itself to resemble flames.


    hopefully that clears some lore confusion up for these guys!


    this all makes a lot of sense, thank you very very much for explaining !! :D 

    honestly im still a bit confused why 2gs/offpsring from a pyro thats changed color is orange instead of its parents color, but its fine XD 

  12. 1 hour ago, Lagie said:

    Thank you, all! :)


    hah- looks like i accidentally ninja'd quite a few people XD:ph34r:


    my 2gs grow up late at night... 4am dc time, so when i wake up for classes tomorrow ill keep an eye to see if they turn out to match their parents, or stay green.