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    i'm always looking for 2g's from brimstones x prizes or SAs! i'll almost always accept that on a trade. i love those ugly stinky little yellow monster babies :>

    call me lex. ​feel free to message me! i got a forums so yall could talk to me if you needed me ^^ ​🧡​
      - if you want anything from ​🔆​group/118795 , let me know and ill breed it for you gladly! just pm me and dont take too long to pick it up :3

             > current profile picture is drawn by myself

    if you want any 2g from my ​🔆"​SPECIAL NAMES" (group/138713) group, please let me know! i'll always say yes unless i'm locked for a specific project, and i'd prefer you keep it to non-holiday 2gs (for now). i'd love to share!

    my favorite breeds are brimstones, jesters, magis, arias, azure glacewings, kingcrownes, and fire gemes!