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  1. Paperclips and stray coins. I have priorities, as you can see.
  2. Funny that I find this as I'm watching a video on snakes, haha. I do not own any exotic pets (I don't own pets at all) but I have wanted to for a long time. I'm partial to lizards and geckos, mainly because I find insects fascinating but am terrified of them. (At a point I considered owning a tarantula, before immediately remembering that I am a blatant arachnophobic and can barely handle jumping spiders.) Leopard geckos are adorable, I would love to own one one day.
  3. This did not age very well... It truly is a pity. So many people would love a game like this. I've heard of a few creators making something similar, though. That's good.
  4. Most of my literary intake is fanfiction. I know, I know, "you should read more published books!" "Fanfiction is such lazy writing!" (May it be said that I *HEAVILY* disagree with that point but anyhow,) but fanfiction provides a sort of freedom in reading that published books do not. They are generally shorter and take less of a commitment, I have finished very few books in my life, simply because I lose interest too quickly. I have a very bad habit of picking things up, obsessing over them for days, and then forgetting they ever existed. Fanfiction provides a sort of middle
  5. The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens. I am only up to chapter two at the moment, but may it be said that reading older works does wonders for inspiration!
  6. Your art is gorgeous! ❤️