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  1. If this idea is realized, I personally think dragon search feature would go nicely along with it. Stalking those special dragons and all hhaha. But not quite sure how it would work with hidden scroll names and how much of a strain would it be on the server etc.
  2. Thank you for your support! I am always open to criticism and more ideas! The phrasing has been edited and Trade lock feature suggestion has been added. Ty!
  3. Yeah, I'd love to know too. I think "Trade lock" could be a separate feature tho.
  4. This is kinda straightforward, just let named hatchlings be trade-able or automatically reset name when trade is created. This feature can be useful because it lets you differentiate between hatchings if you have multiple little dragons with same sprite, and rather than messing up and mixing up their codes. Some people use the naming as save from accidents but I think "Trade lock" could be a separate feature. For both eggs and hatchlings. You are able change it back to normal and trade them if you change your mind.
  5. How much is Staterae market price?
  6. Why is every venue empty tho?
  7. Ooooo I see thank you!! That is placed really weird 😕
  8. I already have the egg abd it has been registered in encyclopedia Proof: But I wasn’t able to search for it in Trading hub’s “Dragon breed selector”(?) (Yeah sorry, I meant trading hub. Typos lol)
  9. How come Chicken egg un-searchable in Trading Hub even tho I found the egg? Is there any other egg that does the same or is this a bug?
  10. I understand, thank you for your addition. These would be a permanent slots so I thought, hmm yes @/Ruby eyes have a good point. But you’re correct too. So instead of perma slots, how does temporary slots that are cheaper but expires as soon as the egg hatches. Indeed I am not fully familiar with the game but I’ll try my best understand it. (Also yes I am aware of 100 shards a week)
  11. Sorry, the original post was bit unconfident. I fixed it a bit now.
  12. Ah sorry about the unclarity, egg slots limited to the trophy just like the normal unlock-able slots. But this additional ones rather being free you have to work for it. But I have edited the original post little bit better.
  13. Hmm yee, I might’ve got bit personal on details.
  14. ...It’s more of a “who memorized most lines of word for the rare egg description” type deal when it comes to stealing eggs, which I don’t really have the time for? I don’t mind the chore, if I had more time. DC is more of a 15 min break for me. I don’t want it to be ”I am a slow reader/searcher, it’s all my fault that I didn’t get that egg”. It varies from person to person, of course. Also someone who’s been veteran of DC would've already knowN the desc as well as the egg sprites so they lose practically nothing. I am saying it would be more advantageous for new players to recogniz
  15. @/Shokomon Yeah exactly dude! Thank you for your support! XDD
  16. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to the topic of making the Market a bit more useful. Bless the Market it’s really good but my idea is maybe letting us buy more egg slots or hatchling slots. I know we already can obtain slots via trophy but I think we need more slots Body: How it might work and how to limit the over-flooding. “Price curve and max slots”: Bronze: +1 egg slots, +2 hatchling slots available for around 9k-10k shards per slot Silver: +1 egg slots, +2 hatchling slots available for around 20k-30k shards per slot Gold: +1 egg slots, +2 hatchling slots ava
  17. I hope this is not duplicate suggestion but here we go. ___ Introduction: What is this? Hello and welcome to the topic of “Egg sprites from caves should be revealed” or also known as “please revamp the question mark egg from exploring”. Context: This is a small idea I had after CB paper dragon snatched from me while I was “reading around” and “stealing eggs”. Main point: I think we should be able to at least see sprites of the already discovered/owned eggs. Which would make the exploring more interesting and quick. Conclusion: Why? Reading is a much
  18. @Cyberr Yeah, they're my babies, I love them very much o(; w ;)o THANK YOU SO MUCH (T WT)
  19. @Cyberr Thank you for the motivation, I'll try my best!
  20. @Fuzzbucket Oh, thank you! I think you just answered my question!