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  1. 67 people eagerly waiting to see the adult flow dragon
  2. The adults are just stunning! Thank you, birdz, for your work. It's hard to even pick a favourite, since I really like all of them!
  3. Didn't see a flow egg at all today. Granted, I wasn't hunting too intensely. I did see a silver and a couple cheeses (which I didn't catch). Hopefully my luck turns around soon, since the little guys look so cute.
  4. Fifty eight people searching for more sweet treats
  5. I did technically get what I wanted, but not what I was looking for... Still a win, I guess?
  6. I've got one from Desert, one from Jungle, two from Coast, and one from Forest. So I'm still missing Alpine and Volcano and flow. I bred all my Xenos but had no luck in finding a flow that way. And I'm egglocked... I wish I had more Reds for a time like this. Good that you're able to get a haircut. I think I'm starting to need one as well.
  7. Oh, so it wasn't just me. I also keep getting "an error has occurred".
  8. Is it just my computer? Why won't it work?
  9. I accidentally picked up a Dark Lumina so I can't hunt for another few hours... Personally, I don't really mind it. It's given me something to think about and look forward to. I love Xenos and I'm very interested in the flow egg. I've only got 4 of the Xenos so far. However, I do agree that the flood should have lasted longer.
  10. https://dragcave.net/view/RUma6 Blue eyes. A checker from two Halloween breeds.
  11. I got another egg slot through incubation, so I really hope I can catch a "flow" egg. I'm quite interested in where this is going.
  12. Grabbed 3 of the wyrm babies, now I'm egglocked until tomorrow. Hopefully I can find some more then.
  13. Two hands clicking intensely to catch the new eggs
  14. I hope you enjoy dinner with her, Trystan. I am... so tired. Didn't get much sleep today.
  15. One hundred and eighty eight unusual hatters
  16. Okay, I guess I can understand the first part of the comment. I did mostly just write about backstory here. But... Clans are not only a Warrior Cats thing. Camiluya is not a cat, she wasn't stated to be a cat anywhere, and it wouldn't make sense for a cat to breed with a dragon that ran a farm. If I wanted to write about Warriors, I'd probably just go make a fanfiction instead.
  17. I wish I didn't react that way every. Single. Time.
  18. One hundred and seventy worried dog parents
  19. Metroid Fusion, with some Mario Maker 2 on the side.
  20. One hundred and forty five clouds overhead
  21. One hundred and thirty nine volunteers helping with preparations
  22. Good morning. Today it's kind of cool and cloudy. I guess it's a good day for getting some work done inside. Also, toppage.
  23. One hundred and twenty eight birds watching the moths hungrily