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  1. Nice, Trystan! Which sort of Zyu is your favourite?
  2. True. Wal-Mart is one of my favourite stores, I went there often before all of this. TPBM has an interest in dancing.
  3. False. TPBM has dyed their hair before.
  4. @StormBirdRising The method I use is to wait until 6 days and 8 hours or so, and then I place it on 3 sites (egg drop soup, DDF, and hatching club). 2 low traffic sites and 1 high traffic site. Usually by 4 days it gets enough views to hatch. If you do this any earlier, then it gets sick. I might mess around with trying some different sites and see if I find a better method. My Zyus have never gotten sick while hatching, thankfully.
  5. @DragonSpirit009 Lovely painting! I woke up a touch late today. But whatever. Hoping to power through some more work today. Also @Classycal, to answer your earlier question, I've only had the stove-top kind. I've heard that oven-baked is a lot better, but nobody in my family has made it.
  6. Sorry, but yuck. I just haven't had a good mac and cheese. Banana bread?
  7. Yum! Especially with ham, if you eat meat. Mint chocolate chip ice cream?
  8. It's not a show for everyone. My sister could never get into it either, and I do have my annoyances with it occasionally.
  9. Jell-O is actually a nice food. Haven't had it in ages, though.
  10. Heh! Watch out, Trystan, or I'll put your scroll in Jell-O
  11. How many years would a dragon remain as a hatchling for before growing into an adult?
  12. So far I'm liking it! I'm only on season 3 right now though... I have a long way to go still.
  13. Thanks, Lagie. Take it easy at work. I'm glad that I got an early start so I've finished up by now. For the time being I'm going to watch The Office (it's my first time watching! Don't spoil anything) and think about the background behind a new character I've been trying to make.
  14. Looking for Aeons today with no luck. I honestly haven't seen a single one lately... Maybe I just show up too late. I was searching yesterday as well.
  15. Good morning! I've been craving sour cream and onion chips... Does anyone have some they can spare? I'm not looking forward to today. I have a lot to get done...
  16. I'm quite a big fan of the flexibility- I'm a very on and off person so it makes it easier for me to participate.
  17. I actually hadn't heard of camp! Thanks for informing me, I'll have to look into that. I'm obviously too late for April, but July seems promising.
  18. I'm aware- It's just that I assume the longest story I've written is 10k words or so, it's very difficult for me to commit to it. Your novels seem interesting from the descriptions, maybe I'll look more into them when I have some more time.
  19. That's fair. I just don't think I could stay motivated to keep writing for an entire month. Maybe I'll give it a try, but for a shorter kind of story.
  20. Yeah, I feel that. I tend to make a lot of mistakes in my writing too. Either that or I come back to a story 3 months later and forget what the plotline was supposed to be x)
  21. I didn't realize the words "minutes" was supposed to go there! I read it as "hours" which was why I was so concerned x)
  22. Yowch, is everything working alright now? I'd heard about power outages in some places and I'm grateful that our electricity kept working all day.