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  1. Banned for not being a dog on the internet.
  2. An egg slot opened, so I went to Alpine to find another of the starlight eggs, to complete my set. I refresh at the drop, and what do I see? A starlight egg and an Aeon. Guess which one I clicked on
  3. Good morning. I finally slept well, which is nice since I haven't been doing so for the last few days. It's good that you're prepared, Lagie.
  4. The adults look really cool! Thanks TJ and spriters!
  5. I'm too tired for this... Couldn't it be another day?
  6. I managed to get 2 of each. Since my scroll goal is 2 males and 2 females CB of each breed, I'm already halfway.
  7. I got two starlights and one claw egg. In a bit less than a day I'll be unegglocked so I can get another claw egg. I'm really interested in those so far.
  8. I just got up, wasn't expecting a new release! I'll have to get on that now.
  9. Good morning. Oh no!! Lagie, stay safe!