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  1. For Giftees, Gifters, or Helpers: 3g Bronze Shimmer x Solstice Claim my egg!
  2. 3g Warpping x Lunar Holiday Kin - under 4 days Claim my egg!
  3. For gifters, giftees, helpers 3g Black Tea x Silver Tinsel Prizekin Claim! 3g Wrapping x Lunar Holiday Kin Claim!
  4. Another Royal Blue 2g Prizekin up for grabs for Giftees or Santas Claim my egg!
  5. 3g silver Tinsel x black tea with z code and under 4 days up for grabs Claim my hatchling!
  6. Have: 3g Silver Tinsel x Black Tea hatchling with "z" code and low time Want: 3g Bronze Tinsel x Pillow Mate for Her Offers including a CB Black Truffle egg or male hatchling Offers Make an offer on my hatchling! I will reject if not interested
  7. 3g Silver Tinsel x Black Tea Checker - with "Z" code for anyone who needs it for there giftee Claim!
  8. Available if someone needs one for there giftee: 2g Prizekin Silver Tinsel x Royal Blue 3g Prize Checker Silver Tinsel x Tea Message me if you want either of these for your giftee. First come first serve
  9. Have: 2g Purebred Red Want: Green egg or Hatchling any lineage (I don't have any and am going to need earthquake to try to get a Dark Shumoga for secret Santa) Make an offer on my egg!
  10. Even though it's not the gifting period can we start sending gifts to our giftee yet?
  11. Have: 2g Prizekin from S Tinsel x Royal Blue Want: Offers Make an offer on my egg!
  12. Have: 3g Silver Tinsel x Black Tea Checker Want: Offers? Make an offer on my egg!
  13. Free BSA Hatchings (White and Bolt) Claim my hatchlings!
  14. Just bred and abandoned 4 3g Solstice x Bronze Shimmer checkers and 3 2g Wintertide x Silver Tinsel Pirzekins
  15. Hatchling Lots (Hatchlings from yesterday plus new ones rearranged into smaller lots. Lot 1: 2g Canopy 2g Equinox x Holly Claim my hatchlings! Lot 2: CB Galvanic 3g Morphodrake Claim my hatchlings! Lot 3: 3g Skywing 2g Crimson Claim my hatchlings! Lot 4: CB Unown 2g Sapo Claim my hatchlings! Lot 5: CB Skywing 2g White Claim my hatchlings! Lot 6: CB Tetra Claim my hatchlings!
  16. Free Hatchling Lots grabbed from AP Lot 1: CB  Galvanic Wyvern 2g Equinox 3g Morphodrake Claim my hatchling! Lot 2: 2g Crimson 2g Sapo CB Tetra Claim my hatchlings!
  17. Free AP Grabbed Hatchling Sets Set 1: 3g black tip https://dragcave.net/lineage/fKxP8 Claim my hatchlings! Set 2: 2g mint 4g Checker Daydream from Daydream x Silver Checker Claim my hatchlings! Claimed
  18. Free Hatchling Lot! 1 Magi, 1 Shallow Water, 1 Black Tip Claim my hatchlings!
  19. Pretty Back Tea x Silver Tinsel Checker 3g First time breeding this pair Claim my egg!
  20. 2g Noblesheild egg up for grabs Claim my egg! Claimed
  21. I Want to Change My Wishlist! Forum Name: Dragon_Tamer_Rita Scroll Name: Dragon_Tamer_Rita Group Name: Rita's Secrete Santa 2021 Wishlist: 1. Alt Black 2. CB Aeon 3. 2G Prizekin from Female Silver Tinsel 4. CB Gemshard 5. Any CB BSA other than Aeon and Green, Any 2g hybrid, CB Nebula 6. Nice Checkers 7. Any Bred BSA other than Green, Nebula hatchling other than green Breeding abilities: 2g from female silver tinsel, 3g checker Bronze Shimmer x Solstice, 3g Wrapping x Indigo Lunar checker, 4g Holly x Aria checker, 3g copper x silver tinsel checker, 3g Gold x Ribbon checker,3g Black tea x silver tinsel checker, 2g hybrids except geode and dusk pygmy Catching abilities: Not good at rares at all. Very good at BSA other than Aeon Trading abilities: If I can trade for it with a 2g silver tinsel I can get it. Teleport abilities: I should have enough
  22. 4 pink 5 Magi 4 Purple This is my first time doing a breed and abandon