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  1. I'm reading The Orc King by R.A.Salvatore. I'm trying to get all caught up in the Drizzt story line and I think I still have about 10 books to go. (Also notice the similarities between Drizzt and Drizzm? Yeah, I'm not great at making up names)
  2. I would probably hoard yarn and fiber for spinning. You should see the colors they get dyed into by indie dyers! Also books, I am starting my irl book collection and I just want all the books. Art supplies is another thing, but I'm sorta picky about my brands so it would just be a hoard of those particular brands.
  3. I just completed the second arc of three in DragonQuest 11. The end of the second arc is sort of an ending in itself and the third arc is basically a whole new story. I'm playing in on PC and have about 80 hours in it and I feel like I have many more hours to go in it. It's such a fun game and I really enjoy it.