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  1. [b][u]I would like to join and participate![/u][/b] [b]Forum Username:Fuzzy_BLip [b]Scroll Name and Link: Fuzzy_Blip (Also, any idea about how many points a specific reward is?)
  2. How about being able to set notifications for specific eggs/events? Eg. Set a reminder for CB silver hatching while avoiding random zombie fodder notifications Or maybe setting reminders for breeding specific dragons (or mates) together, setting reminders for specific trades
  3. When you click on your own badges, it directs them to the correct page: https://dragcave.net/eventname/username However, when you click on other peoples badges, then it directs them to https://dragcave.net/badges/eventname/username, which is a broken link.
  4. Fuzzy_Blip

    Z Project

    @random_dragon_collectorthank youuu!
  5. When clicking the links from badges for the events on the "badges" page, all the links are broken. A fix to this would be appreciated.
  6. Seems like a good idea. An updating graph based on shard prices (to see trends in the cost) would be cool. Another idea would be to have weekly "deals" or some other form of upgrade/extended options to the market.
  7. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: Fuzzy_Blip Forum name: Fuzzy_Blip Birthday: June 6 List: 1. 2g SA (from penk x hershel would be AMAZING!!!, preferably not from blucana/caligene) 2. EG or clean alt black 3a. 4th Gen "PB" SAltkin 3b. 4th gen PB thuwed 4a. CB or clean luminas 4b. CB (surprise me!) Favourite Breeds: Golden Wyvern/ Mint
  8. Wow! there's a thread for this anyone wanna duo on NA? Pm me
  9. I think that dragons, if they've been killed, should free up name slots after their tombstone disappears from a scroll. Any comments/suggestions?
  10. Would it be possible to remove the codes for the newly bred 2g thuwed eggs? Some spoilsport added them in and are now gathering views. They are impossible to take out.
  11. The five minute lag is fixed, but there is now 30 second lag at the 1 minute after refresh mark sometimes... or is that just me?
  12. There are three categories as far as I can see: 1. Hourly lag. Just after drop, extreme, and lasts for at least 20 seconds. 2. 5 minute lag. Occurs just after drop and lasts 5-20 seconds. 3. Random lag that happens sometimes after the minute mark or at 2:30 in between drops. Lasts for 3 ish seconds.
  13. will allure of nds die on me if, say, i input 60 dragons in the "check inbreeding" box?
  14. Banned for using the word "meep."