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    The Mother of Abandoned Dragons

    I seek to save the unwanted eggs, keeping them as my own or turning them into Vampires to be wanted again :)

    For abandoned wanted eggs, I send them off to new homes.

    Want free CBs/Nice lineages? Want to be included in my rehoming friends list?

    PM me!

    I need BSA Reds, pinks, and Vampires. I also take low time AP eggs (messy lines preferred!)

    I also trade for egg holding/hatching/hunting :)
    >send over the egg for hatching/holding
    >tell me what egg you want me to hunt
    >send me an AP hatchie to claim your egg/hatchie!
    *Rates: 1:1 common, 1:2 uncommon, 1:4 rares; +1 for hatching/influencing
    *Can't 100% guarantee catching rares, not an advisable trade
    *Timezone is DC time +12hours.

    Reserved Rehoming Friends

    Chaosdawn - whites (any)
    ComatosedRoses - pygmies (CB/neat lines)
    MomoScarletKaulitz - PB EGs (any dragon)
    Wheeloftime13 - Moonstones (any)