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  1. 3g checker, no idea what the gender will be https://dragcave.net/teleport/d42592a7ffa391a8d2eeeec7956a00ad
  2. low time 3g bronze shimmer x garland checker (influenced male) Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Bronze tinsel, will be male https://dragcave.net/teleport/0a63ff89ee48b7b956175dbb9614bbef
  4. I noticed the same with my cookies. finding this tread was also quite inspiring some cookies I made before I found this topic: in coparison to some of the cookies I made in the last days: (I also never found out how to position images other than editing after posting)
  5. I'm sad that this event is over I don't usualy draw much, but the challange of these large brushes somehow motivated me I sent a total of 191 cookies, 97 of them individually drawn, and recieved 158 cookies. I did not expect so many and so amazing cookies at the beginning of the event, thatks to all of you for all the fun I had
  6. Wow, they are awesome! Could I have the cave? (Or the lava landscape) (Edit: do you have one of my dolphins already? I have nearly no cookies left as I am about to go to bed)
  7. Wow, this white dragon is beautiful!
  8. I'm still looking for homes for one minimalistic snowman, five sprinkle dolphins and one sky dolphin. Edit: will send them out to random people in about an hour
  9. @WestWindReborn could I get the Snake head (#18) or the beach at dusk (#3)?
  10. I would love one of These too! My favorites are the last one in the second row, and the entire first row edit: Scroll name same as forum name
  11. Thank you for this cookie! I don't think this is copying me, a lot if people made snowmen 😅 He looks kinda melty, I like that!
  12. LackingDragons, same as my forum name
  13. @Fields_of_Heather could I get the Mountain in the tree cookie?
  14. @MiaLily yes, sending you one is your scroll name the same?
  15. @Aqub I would love one of these weird laggy christmas trees, if you feel like making another one 😂 and thank you so much for the ying and yang moon, would you like any of my cookies?
  16. could I take either of the landscapes?
  17. @banban007 could I adopt the sitting black cat? my available cookies are posted on the last page
  18. @Awdz Bodkins if you still have any dragons escaping from a box (or are willing to make another) I would love one! Here are the cookies I still have: sprinkle dolphins sky dolphins rainbow snowman Vampire snowman (eith black bowtie and pocketsquare) minimalistic snowman dragon silhouette in snowflake (blue flame at the tail) dragon silhouette in tiny star (red flame at the tail) rainbow flower Edit: just made a rainbow flower thingy
  19. An hour of time and 250% zoom 😅
  20. @smartster4 I would love the tiny rainbow star!
  21. @smartster4 I may have spent nearly an hour trying to make a very small waving style cookie. Would you like it? I actually meant the one with a bit of yellow on the water near the horizon. not a reflection of the moon, just the light
  22. @Aqub sure, I'll send them over I can not quite decide whether I want the three element cookies I don't have yet (you've sent me a water one already) or also the moon surrounded by ying yang. They are all so clean looking and somehow calming to look at @miaou I just love your sescapes, could I maybe get another one? I love the one where the moonlight reflects off the water
  23. @CrystalThundercloud ocean in a bottle sent to Thundercloud I would love the dragon I would love one of the woven stars (fourth in he first row), and I would be delighted if you could maybe make another lavender bottle? @Aqub I already have a water element, but if you still have some left I would like the other three for a full set These are the cookies I currently have available: (Edit: cookies taken: charred tree could remake: carina, leaf, moon phases)
  24. @Long_Before_Sunrise I already sent my first spiderweb cookie, so I made you a new one. I hope you got somewhat enought sleep ❤️