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  1. I cannot stop hoarding Sandwaste dragons. They’re just so adorable to me, and the fact that they’re ridiculously easy to get doesn’t help my hoarding.
  2. I was killing/reviving dragons last night and on the last one, I got my first zombie. A pretty cool one, too (despite the fact that you can’t actually see the sprite): https://dragcave.net/view/waSXM
  3. Neither of them were working at all on safari when I posted this, but they’re both working just fine for me now.
  4. None of the holiday minigames work on mobile except for cooking. If you look at my tree on my page, you can see that the bauble is in the upper left corner of the page, because I’m able to click it but not able to move it anywhere. And the mana game just doesn’t work at all. Is this a purposeful thing, or are they messed up somehow?
  5. It’s not working for me, either, but I just assumed it was because I’m mobile-only and minigames never work on mobile lol
  6. My bad luck is that I’ve grabbed around 15 Witchlights since Halloween season started and I just... can’t seem to get a female.
  7. I Want to Participate! CB Prize(s): https://dragcave.net/view/sBkD3 Notes: None!