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  1. Ginger Bread House: Legendary Edition
  2. I'm not entirely sure of how the elements work on each other but you win by filling all the empty squares.
  3. Thank goodness there's another game to acquire candies. I can't always get ingredients or recipes minutes by minutes and to only give 10 in cooking.
  4. Thank you for these and Merry Christmas! I'm glad it's a three day hunting. I'm still scroll locked and still need a day to open egg slots.
  5. Still sweet. I don't really mind the colour that my CBs will get but I like better the rosey one. Thanks.
  6. Does this apply to Cave Borns too or just for the Bred ones?
  7. I don't use Earthquake but I think the Float suggestion makes sense. I'm not in favour but I support it and I would also like to add more changes. The Balloon Dragon eggs are literally floating, so if the Float is to be implemented, the said eggs themselves would be immune to Earthquake. The afloat eggs are more prone to sickness. Sickness acquisition from getting many views in short span of time can be amplified by its irregular egg behaviour due to being afloat. You wouldn't be able to use other BSAs on the egg while it is up in the air (such as incubate, influence, etc). I think just the Incubate should not be able to be used or applied to an afloat egg since the Pinks can still manipulate an egg's temperature while afloat. Ward would remain in effect if the egg was warded before the float. Warding is definitely usable whatever the egg state is in since White Dragons are capable high level of healing. You can't abandon, trade, or kill the egg while under the effect of float. I think this is not needed since Float or just floating does not prevent an egg or does not give a protection from literally being abandoned, traded, or killed. You could probably fog the egg as that's human ranged magic. This couldn't be used on low-time eggs (below something 2-3 days). I do not disagree with this one but I think it's unnecessary. Float is mainly effective and desirable if you're about to use Earthquake. The egg's age is not a really big factor for its effect, so with in respect to that, we can just leave it without age restrictions. BSA has a cooldown of two weeks. This is a good counter for the abuse of using Earthquake since it has only a week cooldown. I'm not an expert about the Dragons. Everything in my reply post is just how I understand them and the game.
  8. Egglocked in the wrong time, could only get one for each.
  9. Well, the event was fun and I got as much as I could. Thanks for treats too. My last tower defense. The road to Round 1000 is over. It was a good game though.
  10. On my first look, I thought it was a bat hanging upside down.
  11. It takes time, but I believe we don't have to force ourselves about it. Just do your best and get as much as you can until the event is over.
  12. Literally, of all the dragons, the Green Dragons are the toughest but it's only good for filling the defense holes with the help of White Dragons. However, the trio's offensive capabilities combined, in my opinion, is the best for long runs as it becomes more of a offense is the best defense past Round 100 as the White Dragons, even with cooldown reductions, fail to catch up healing.
  13. You can only add or remove before you start the game and after your are defeated.
  14. So glad they put this. Now, I can read and see what happened in the log every round.
  15. It was said to be a typo and has been updated. See the original post.
  16. That is amazing! Congrats! I had tried this and was unlucky. At around Round 130, the zombies kept spawning and swarming only at the right edge of the board. The healing and cooldown reductions couldn't keep up and they got the Magma Dragon on the right end of the Magma Dragon line. After it went down, well, Round 149 was the end.
  17. It seems like it. Once we reach level 50, we get the maximum EXP and maximum Cost Points capacity. We will only have the struggle in experimenting and composing the tower defense with only 35 Cost Points. But there's already so much we can do with only those points and get far.
  18. Their 3 HP won't last long without healers/other dragons helping to defend/kill zombies beside them. The Vampire Dragons are high-dependent to luck. You get the chance to make another Vampire Dragon each kill. But the rate of converting the Zombies is low, base on my runs.
  19. Aw. I did not notice that. My bad at not back reading. this is definitely a reference to Litwick and it's cute.
  20. What happens to the 59th treat?
  21. At what round do the zombies start dealing 2 damage or does it increase more in higher level? I missed reading the logs.