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  1. - So this little one just hatched ❤️ in love with her! - Managed to trade for a CB Aeon on the trading page, and it only took four 2G Red hatchies - Sometime in October I was egg-locked and bred a ton of my dragons for fun, hoping they would go to good homes - checked up on the PB 2G Dark Green and to my surprise, it alted! Lol, from the two babies my Dark Green couple has had, both alted. Now one sits on my scroll, and some lucky soul has the sibling! Congrats to whoever snagged it
  2. @Emerald01 I don't know anything about TJ granting special prize requests, but this is how it looks like if you try to teleport a raffle prize: That's my baby, lol. Congrats to the other lucky winners! And best of luck next time to everyone who didn't win!