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 they/them | -3 dc | wishlist 

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    you arrive at a glass cathedral...
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    light streams down your face, giving you a sense of calm. there's warmth in the air and the light glitters beautifully through the glass walls. you walk in hope to see the dragons living in this home.

    ...Aurax seems bright.


    collect: tercorn, pipio, skysilk omen wyrm, aegis
    always need: aeon, magi, pink, purple, red
    searching for: dark myst, ember, blue/red/green fire gem, red gemshard, glowback, moonstone, striped river, dusk pygmy, setsong
    also love: cool codes from tercorns, pipios, skysilk (doesn't have to be cb, can be inbred, messy, whatever) and codekins!


    iou: znowyowl - any pygmy / nilia
    princesskiara - 6 caveborn hatchies

    you can see me on flight rising: http://www1.flightrising.com/lair/476227
    and flowergame! http://flowergame.net/garden/11915