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Sweetling adult altAlt Sweetling mature hatchi Wind still blowing, Trees still growing,

Stars still glowing, and yet...Everything has changed......

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    Inside the mind of Dr. Parnasus
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    I am a cosplay artist / seamstress i design and make cosplay outfits and props i also paint on canvas and sketch n draw anything with a creative curve i am interested in really. I love all sorts of music, i play the guitar a little bit and play the drums. I don't really like rap i like the raw music just not the lyrics half the time. I like smooth chillstep or video game background music or night time LO FI. I love to spin poi weather its by flag or by led glow crystals don't know what that is look it up its worth it. I partake in casual responsible drinking & i work in the liquor industrie. I love my fiance and my fur child i am a bit weird and eccentric i would never fit in anywhere especially with normal people. I love to be generous genuine and kind because there isn't enough good in this greedy corrupt world. I find happiness in other peoples happiness because i cant find happiness for my self so i prefer to see every one else happy. I am an Ex tattoo artist / pierce and i love to get tattoos i just wish it wasn't so expensive =>.<- ive got so much more info but if you wanna know then personally message me just don't be rude or mean n we good :3

    I prefer CB dergs but lately love attractive 3g lineages i love 3g PB Thuweds or 3g S-alt with 2 or 4 S-alt in base or pretty 3g prize kin or prize/weds or S-alt/weds or Prize/S-alt - if you have any pretty 3g lineages like this PM me i would love to breed and swap lineages =^-^=

     Here is a tiny list of dragons i love to collect

    1. 2g Thuwed - Got to catch em all =>.<-

    2. CB ND - I don't want to collect any more then 1 of each spirit 

    so far all the CB ND's i need - F , Frzn M , Frzn F , Frzn U+W , Frzn U-W

    3. 2g S-alt - All kinds i love all the S-alty children

    4. 2g Shimmer - I don't really like tin prizes but Ruffles is an exception =>.<-

    5. CB Gold - I am not a huuuge collector but they are always nice to have

    6. CB Silver - I only my internet wasnt so bad ied be able to catch these =>.<-

    7. CB Aeon - I never have enough of these

    8. CB Xeno - My fav Noodle Derg

    9. Origami - I use  em as separators in groups n wot not

    10. I will take any lineage BSA hatchlings - right now i really need purple and male pink's

    11. tbh i cant catch enough CB common's i am always trading high n never have time or space to hunt and keep hatchlings always so tempting trading em for easy rares =X.x-

    i know this grocery list of wants seems pretty expensive and steep but for the really rare stuff i always offer waaaaay more than its worth i will trade more then 24 of something depending on the situation i am willing to do IOU's i have the patience of a saint and can catch hatch and influence anything ued like in order to sweeten the deal however my internet isn't the best in the world and catching CB golds and silvers are seriously impossible for me lol ive never ever caught  one my self ever so plz don't ask for things i obviously cant obtain easily ive had to trade my soul, my left nut, and my first born few drops of blood to get the CB metallic's i have

    Here are a few highlighted groups of my best dragons =^-^=

    1. Fair Rare Daycare - https://dragcave.net/group/103490

    2. Prize Kin / Code's n Stuff - https://dragcave.net/group/103493

    3. Thuweds / S-alt Kin - https://dragcave.net/group/103492

    4. Xeno, Zyu, Trio - https://dragcave.net/group/103491

    5. In case you didn't want to look through all my groups to find my rarest of rares i put em all in here


    I own a CB Bronze Male Shimmer Scale and i am willing to trade 2g Bronze kin to negotiate please be kind and respectful and PM me remember breeding takes time if i don't have the 2g right away please be patient, you may keep fail kin if requested just let me know =^-^= i am usually always around and will get to your messages any time i can. i work 3 to 11 about 4 days a week most nights but ill check my phone from time to time so ull always be able to get a hold of me. Please try and refrain from asking for new release dragons as a pairing simply because the ratios are so fresh you wont see a 2g prize for a long time maybe later down the line when its not so fresh ill do the pairings just give me some time =^-^=

    My lil CB Shimmer Assassin =^-^=

    Things i owe still

    oOo - Still need to pay off - 29 CB Lihnseyre to Mal

    1. Momo 2g Bronze Prize X Ahri - has given me 2g bronze tin

    2. Infinis 2g Bronze Prize X Caligene - has given me a lot of pretty 3g S-alt dergs

    3. Momo 2g Bronze Prize X Red Neb - has given me a 2g bronze tin

    4. borntobe 2g Bronze Prize X Almerald - Promised me a CB Female ND

    5. papaver  2g Bronze Prize X Gold Floret - Promised me a CB ungendered ND

    6. Weel 2g Bronze Prize X Moonstone - has givin me everything off my xmass wishlist and i feel the need to pay back for being so kind to me =^-^=

    Srry guys no more....Due to how much i owe people and how stubborn my Prize is being i need to finish what IOU's i sill have left here sorry =v.v-

    Been distracted on the unofficial DC discord a lot that's where you will most likely find me just lurkin around n stuff :3 i never knew the discord could be full of so many amazing sportive players the unofficial discord not the actual dc discord lol the unofficial discord in my opinion has a lot more friendlier players and feels a bit more relax like a hang place for dragon lovers n much more =^-^=

    I have a strange way of sorting my dragons, in the names of my dragons you might see something like this o0o or oOo these are to help me identify how long the linage is and what gender. o0o with a zero means its male oOo with a capital oh means its female.

    here is a tiny list of how i organise linage gen

    o0o-Cave Born
    0o0-2 Gen
    oo0-3 Gen
    o00-4 Gen
    000-5 Gen
    00o-6 Gen
    0oo-7 Gen
    ooo0-8 Gen
    oo00-9 Gen
    o000-10 Gen

    etc. this could go on for hundreds of gen's