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  1. Yeah I was just hit with the remnants of that yesterday, knocked out power with 16 hours. Tree down over the power lines. A few extra days would have been wonderful.
  2. I wish this could be extended because of the virus + Easter + severe storms in the US
  3. 3 days and I had no power a day and a half. Great. More things I miss. Only managed to get 3. I want to cry.
  4. Yeah but the fact that I didn't even know to read it and stuff really really bummed me out. I'm really upset. Tonight hasn't been my night.
  5. Guess who didn't know about this because they didn't know and clicked randomly thinking my laptop was just being dumb and was met with 'you were eaten' I want to quit now- I didn't know I'd get new dragons I don't have-
  6. I can't draw but someone needs to do a xenomorph
  7. Finally got one. Man I am so seething in anger right now I angrily ate 5 twizzlers in under a minute.
  8. I just want 1 egg 1 Is that too much to ask for??
  9. The lag is really upsetting me. People here getting 5 eggs and I just want 1. Let others have a chance please-
  10. Guess who won't be getting the egg because I can't even get in to get it c':
  11. I'm going to have such a hard time getting this new dragon ;;
  12. There's a Facehugger treat and I am in love. Aliens and Predator have been my favorite for so long ❤️