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    My interest range across the board from Computers to Dragons. I like reading fantasy and SciFi.

    Here is something I wrote a while back:

    Come heather those near to hear of a dragon so dear.
    One born torn under some scorn.
    A gentle soul that no one knows.
    If you look to the sky this dragon does soar.
    On occasion you can hear her roar
    Bold of spirit pure of heart
    definitely a work of art.
    Eyes of fire heated with desire
    if others would turn
    their souls would burn
    for this dragon they set apart
    This beautiful work of art
    She flies so high her wings stretched to the sky
    Her head held high her soul will not die
    This dragon so spry.
    they made her cry
    So you better run and hide
    from this mistress of the sky.

    *** original by Cat ***