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  1. Thank you so much! The hatchie will be named and well cared for
  2. 3g salt checker - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Gone Would appreciate it if it's named
  3. 3g gold tinsel prize - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claimed! 2g purebred gold - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Enjoy, Jazeki! 3g SAlt checker - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Taken, enjoy! Would appreciate it if they're named. Happy holidays!
  4. Thank you Montre! Happy holidays!
  5. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Xuanxuan Scroll Name: Xuanxuan Group Name: Xuanxuan's Secret Santa 2020 Wishlist: Listed in the order of highest to lower priority 1. Any 2g SAlt, CB 5 letter english word/name codes, CB all number codes, 2g prize from non-holiday, ungendered neglected, CB 4 letter english word codes 2. 3g from the following SAlts (garland, witchlight, wrapping wing, heartstealing, floral-crowned) 3. Chicken 4. CB red dorsal 5. CB lunar herald 6. Lyrical, rainbow, or a unique lineage you're proud of! 7. CB gemshard, CB blancblack Breeding abilities: I have a bunch of CB stats, golds, silvers, and coppers and can breed 2g purebreds. Can breed 3g salts of staircase grave, mistletoe, arcana, pitfire, cali salts, or of checker b!arcana and cali, or 3g staircase thuwed. Also can breed 3g prizes (mainly staircase) and 2gs from CB codes. Catching abilities: I'm usually able to catch anything other than silvers, golds, and stats (if time permits). May be able to get a silver if lucky. Trading abilities: Can probably trade for anything aside from 2g salts, neglected, CB stats, golds and silvers. If lucky, can trade for 2g prizes (I'll try my best but no guarantees!). Teleport abilities: No thanks, got enough!
  6. Have: 1 CB Brown Copper 1 CB Green Copper 2 CB Rainbow Copper 1 CB Aeon 1 CB Aquilo (gendered, male) Want: CB gold (either influenceable egg or male hatchie) Make an offer here and here! Please ensure you have egg space! If you need me to hatch, please PM Thanks for the trade!
  7. Got Pack 1! Thank you so much, they'll be well cared for
  8. 2g Umbra from 2 stats Claim my egg!
  9. They'll be well cared for. Thank you!
  10. Have: 4 CB copper hatchies 1 Paper hatchie 1 Chicken hatchie Want: All six above for: CB gold (highest priority, dragon needs a mate) CB stat 2g prize from 2 prizes or 4 of the above for 1 CB silver Links cancelled but trade still available. PM friendly!
  11. 2g xeno from 2 stats, please give it a good home! Claim my egg! Enjoy!
  12. Have: CB green copper hatchie CB brown copper hatchie (stunned, low time) CB thunder hatchie (stunned, almost low time) CB aeon hatchie Want: CB silver CB gold CB Stat 2g prize from 2 prizes (auto!) Make an offer on my hatchies! PM friendly
  13. Have: CB aeon egg CB green copper egg CB copper hatchling (stunned) CB thunder hatchling Want: CB silver CB gold CB stat 2g prize from 2 prizes (auto!) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! PM friendly
  14. Have: CB aeon egg CB blusang egg CB copper hatchling (almost low time) CB thunder hatchling Want: CB silver/gold/stat 2g prize from 2 prizes Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  15. 3g Gold Tinsel: Claim my egg! 2g PB Umbra: Claim my egg! Enjoy
  16. Have: 4 new CB xenos, 2 hatchies + 2 eggs Offer or PM to discuss! Want: 2g prize or cb gold or other offers! (probably unlikely, but would absolutely love a 2g prize from 2 prizes)
  17. Thanks for the fantastic raffle and for my new hatchie! Congrats everyone!
  18. Thanks for my lovely gifts! And of course, thanks Aqub for the exchange!
  19. Thanks for the delightful gifts and a big thank you to Aqub for hosting! Can't wait to pick up my new eggos once my xeno babies hatch in 3 hours
  20. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: Xuanxuan Forum name: Xuanxuan Birthday: November 14 Revised List: 1. 2g prize 2. Chicken 3a. Even gen alt black (no inbreeding please!) 3b. Cool word or number codes 4. Surprise me!
  21. Giftee never accepted their gift, so here's a low-time green dino hatchling for anyone who still needs one for their giftee (or to keep if you haven't got one yet) ! Transfer Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/2e16799da560c6cd75aa8ed6462949cc
  22. @Rosastrasza got the Dino for my giftee! Thank you, and happy holidays!
  23. Thank you @Crystals and @Seahorse for the beautiful lineages! They are absolutely gorgeous and I promise they'll be well looked after. Edit: Egglocked right now but I will pick up as soon as my gift is accepted! Thank you @Natayah for the generous prize! It's such a lovely surprise to come back to and I'm absolutely thrilled! And of course, a massive thank you to Aqub for hosting yet another fantastic exchange!