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❄️ IOU and PM Friendly! ❄️

❄️ Looking for "hanyu" code – either CB/lineaged – We can work something out! ❄️

 ❄️ Always collecting: silvers, gemshards, SAltkin from any blue alts!  ❄️





🇨🇦 ~ Cheers from Canada and the United Kingdoms ~ 🇬🇧

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    About me: aspiring lawyer, obsessive reader, aspiring author, and proud Slytherclaw. Unsurprisingly, I'm usually buried beneath piles of books (both academic and otherwise). During exam season, I may (read definitely will) be less active.

    Pretty new to the game, but I've got a few neat(ish) dragons. If you would like me to breed anything on my scroll, all you have to do is ask! It's practically no effort on my part so it'll be a gift, aka free.

    I love: CB silvers, CB golds, chickens, 2g silver shims, even gen garland SAlts, word codes, and all number codes. I will do just about anything for any Harry Potter codes (ex. drAcO), Marvel codes (JArvIs), Studio Ghibli codes (ex. haKU3) or codes from most other fandoms.

    Send me a pm if you think I might be interested (I probably will be). I'm able to grab most rares (except golds) and willing to trade multiples of them away. I'm good at grabbing Aeons too. If you see an egg/hatchling on my scroll that you want and have something to offer in exchange, you know the drill.

    If my replies are slow, I'm probably buried under exam revision notes. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

    Current IOUs:
    To GalacticSketch - DONE!
    To ComatosedRoses - DONE!
    To Aethon - DONE!
    To Nagerfiven - DONE!
    To esse - DONE!
    To infinis - DONE!
    To Asti (discord) - DONE!
    To Spatio (discord) - DONE!
    To V1227 - DONE!
    To Sammy (Discord) - DONE!
    To Sketch (discord) - DONE!

    IOU owed to me:
    Chuprakata (discord) - 2g prize from monarch - 0/1