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  1. i finished my xenosaga replay a few weeks ago (i think xenosaga is my favorite jrpg series... it's so special to me) now i'm playing shadow hearts (and i think i'm really close to completing it already!?) it's a lot of fun
  2. they look wonderful! i'm excited to see their adult forms!
  3. okay actually i've decided to replay xenosaga now. i'm playing too many video games rn
  4. they're very pretty <:) the mistra dragons are my favorite
  5. here are some of mine - handsome men (it's a reference to something, yes there's a female dragon in there despite the group name that's on purpose) - autumn zone (my autumn dragon collection, i collect them ^_^) - my neglecteds (there's not a lot but i'm proud of them) - dragons with unusual/interesting codes i recently started a group that consists only of frozen moonstone baby dragons but there's not a lot yet i have a lot more but they're not really interesting and are more for organizing and being able to find certain dragons quickly
  6. i'm finishing galerians: ash and recently started .hack// infection i've also been playing a lot of final fantasy xiv
  7. i'm glad i was able to catch this on the first day of release!
  8. this is my favorite egg so far idk who made it and i don't know what it is but it's good
  9. whoever drew this i just want to say i genuinely love this like, unironically. this isn't an april fools joke on my part like, it's perfect. it's the most perfect thing in the world
  10. ok it's been nearly 2 weeks and i haven't left the house because of my university getting closed. it's making me go a little insane? but in the meantime i've been drawing, watching bad movies and playing lots of parasite eve and animal crossing :'/ i live in canada in a small town outside a city and our local grocery store is really low on toilet paper... lol. my university classes got moved to online and the change has been a little confusing for me but luckily university is almost over for me (my finals are soon)
  11. wow!!!!! i think stratos dragons are a new fave!!!
  12. oh wow i didn't expect this they look nice
  13. COVID-19 finally hit my province this week, we have 3 confirmed cases as of today and university was just cancelled today for the rest of the winter term. i don't know how online classes are going to work or when they'll even start up, all they said was that the university is now closed and they'll give updates over time. i'm a little nervous about school lol
  14. oh they're beautiful! my new favorite valentines dragon ❤️
  15. oh are these dragons bird influenced? ❤️ i love them already
  16. i started a replay of killer7 and i've been streaming it on twitch
  17. this is my first holiday event on dragcave. it's a lot less chaotic than halloween because of the breed limit. it's kind of nice
  18. HAVE: Chicken https://dragcave.net/lineage/7HwQx WANT: CB Gold (auto, if it's a hatchling it must be influenced female), Red Dino, 3-4 CB Autumn hatchlings i'm open to PMs, i have two CB xenowyrms and a CB golden wyvern i could add too make an offer
  19. congratulations!!!! making neglecteds is so grating, it's such a relief when you finally manage to get one
  20. dang does no one else on dragcave like half life? anyways i'm losing my mind that they're making a new half life game in 2019?!?! too bad it's for VR 😕
  21. oh geez sorry for the late reply. i got sick and spent the weekend resting @Aqub i sent a friend request on discord! @Rally Vincent i've thought about it, yeah. i'm not sure if there are any message boards that are still super active, there might be some discord servers for my interests maybe? i've thought about looking around for some so i might try that!
  22. I don't like going too much into detail about personal things but I need advice I think. For the past few months I haven't really had any friends to talk to, I recently had to cut ties with a friend I spoke to a lot so now I basically have like, one friend right now, as embarrassing as it is to admit. And he's been really busy with school so we haven't been talking much, and I don't have anyone else to talk to, so I've decided to try and maybe make some new friends. I should mention that he's an online friend so we can't like, meet up because we both live in different countries. I don't want t