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  1. Reporting in to say I'm getting this error message: Failed to connect to Dragon Cave. Either DC is too laggy, or it is down. Please try again later.
  2. Got paged but it's still lookin' for a home. 3G Setsong up for adoption too.
  3. Got one of my 4G tinsels from a spooky line. Please please please name it~
  4. Amidst a sea of salt a cb summer emerges!
  5. PB 2G Blusang (all I ask is it’s named lol)
  6. 6G Tinsel x Lunar stair
  7. 4G checker with SAltkins
  8. Got it! Will take good care of it~
  9. Double arrow holiday tinsel (all I ask is it gets named)
  10. Got this 7G SA stair fail from AP
  11. 2G PB gaia 2G PB magma with cool code
  12. H: 2G magma pb with the code 'mHEIR' 3G carina with a very naughty code and pretty lineage CB gaia W: trying to get my first cb gold and looking for help! Trade here
  13. 3G pyralspite checker from AP
  14. 2G White w/z code from a white x silver found on AP GONE
  15. Cb Two-headed Lindwyrm
  16. 4G Saltkin 5G Saltkin
  17. 2G Bluna from AP GONE!
  18. White/Gold 5G checker
  19. Snagged a CB purple floret earlier
  20. Another 4G spooky tinsel (all I ask is it gets named)