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  1. 2G Amalthean with the code (tjcaP) Snagged it~
  2. 3G shimmer stair from Heartseeker~ 3G shimmer stair from Radiant Angel~ Edit: 4G shimmer stair from Pillow 4G tinsel stair from Sweetling
  3. 2G Cloudplume x Garland
  4. 2G avatar of change from celestial
  5. Weird gen thuwed horse dragon stair
  6. Glad you like it! I'm aiming to get my Penk Dorkwed von Mess line to 100 after snagging a script that was at 70 something gens. Really happy seeing people breed the line~
  7. G3 Blu from Blusang x Gold https://dragcave.net/teleport/98d09b8f888d57b9fd42f8a37d76c2b1
  8. Won my first and got a bronze eastern~
  9. 2G Zyus from holiday dragons: pink from wrapping-wing blue from solstice white from garland
  10. 2g pb blue zyu no one wants .-.
  11. 2G soulpeace https://dragcave.net/teleport/9bad2a5854c141742fb6c97b284c56f3
  12. G2 pink zyu from pink x wrapping https://dragcave.net/teleport/c51700ee621705eebb23508d7139215a
  13. G2 white zyu from white x garland https://dragcave.net/teleport/1d3b3bca7b99232a97b7f091baa530d8
  14. G2 red dorsal from red dorsal parents that no one wanted in trades
  15. Spirit x Pillow arrow with punny names if people actually want it lol
  16. Veeeeeery pretty lyrical lunar lineage GONE Giving it here cuz there’s other people here who can appreciate it more than me~ EDIT: Also have a lyrical Mageia up for grabs GONE
  17. 2G PB + properly colored silver lunar
  18. 2G PB Black hatchie GONE Edit: >>> 4G Chrono checker hatchie <<< GONE
  19. Have a breed fail from a pillow x spirit ward pun stair if anyone wants it.