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  1. Doom Eternal. RIP AND TEAR! Also, screw Marauders.
  2. This. Having variety in the activities keeps things fresh, and provides something for everyone. I personally too liked Mana Alchemy, while Holiday Cooking wasn't right up my alleyway. Looking forward to the possibility of multiple activities in future holidays.
  3. Works for me. Thanks for pointing it out.
  4. Mana Alchemy is broken pretty spectacularly with me too, with the tiles flying over to the Dragon Cave logo itself. It worked just fine earlier, before the new instructions were added on the page.
  5. Replaying some Doom 2016 and Yakuza Kiwami 2 at the moment, probably Judgment (a Yakuza-series spin-off) after that.
  6. Hi. I'm having the issue that the shuffles don't seem to be working. Does anyone else have the same problem here?
  7. A mixture of WoW (retail, not Classic, too grindy for me) and Ion Fury, a cyberpunk FPS made using the Build engine from the '90s.
  8. The Coral Pygmy Wyvern has some real awkward cutoff at its other wing, so I prefer Tercorn this time around. Even if its name sounds like some item you collect in a WoW questline. (edit) The female pose is a lot better already, no more faceplanting on the ground.
  9. The raffle update really did wonders, won in the next raffle post-update after almost 2 years of nothing.
  10. The earlier suggestion about having eggs from several breeders appear in the wall is still the best suggestion so far, and it won't significantly change how the AP works, while (maybe) giving some variety to the eggs that appear there at any given time.
  11. If a single person could significantly alter the composition of the wall, there would be chaos when people undo previous changes and replace them with their own. Showing a few different breeds at all times, like @LadyLyzar said sounds pretty good, that way more people have a chance of getting something they like or need even when there's mass breeding going on.
  12. Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes not, that's the nature of AP. All you folks can do is to wait and see if there's something nice in there. If not, too bad, try again later. Eventually you might find something you like.