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  1. Oh man, I have waaay too many favorites. I am a mega sucker for horror channels, including "Mr. Nightmare" who posts real scary stories! I basically love almost every youtuber genre, haha! Pranks, skits, humor, stories, animation, and gaming are just some I can think of off the top of my head!
  2. Minecraft and red dead redemption 2. Both of them are super fun and addicting!
  3. WolfQuest The newest version isn't free, unfortunately, but the older versions are, and it is still great! You take on the role of a young adult wolf and your goal is to find a mate and start a pack. You can hunt or attack other wolves along the way. Once you start your pack, your goal is to raise your pups and keep them alive until springtime. It is honestly a really addicting game. And of course, you can buy the latest version with updated graphics plus a bit more content. It is a great game either way!