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  1. tWo HouRs Ago it’s been a while since i’ve been this early
  2. Hiya! I’d like to sign up - here’s my group: https://dragcave.net/group/113369
  3. Very confused.. yam-stuffed mushrooms are made by cooking spices, mushroom, cheese, and mashed sweet potatoes.. right?? I did it twice and it didn’t work, what a waste of ingredients.. somebody please tell me if it’s wrong. edit: somebody messed up on the wiki, and listed it as cook when it’s really prepare 😕 my ingredients.. ugh
  4. Why is sugar so uncommon but needed so much? ;u;
  5. *holy music plays* I HAVE OBTAINED HERBS
  6. I play on my iPad. I don’t drag at all, I just click the square I want it to go into and it seems to work - no dragging needed
  7. I have no clue how to play this new game lol I just press the square you want them to go on and it seems to work? I guess it depends what device you’re on, I’m on an iPad so it may work a bit differently I guess maybe try requesting a desktop site if it doesn’t work
  8. Still have not yet gotten meat! Waiting ;u; Edit: got a piece! Woop!
  9. Recipe cards themselves finally started dropping! I have yet to get a single piece of meat other than poultry, however showing off my decoration *^*
  10. Seems like mobile users are all having trouble decorating the tree, personally not even requesting a desktop site works - ornaments won’t drag around I’m very excited for the next doors, I wonder whether there’ll be another minigame so I’m saving my candy canes
  11. The same is happening for me - I can’t move items anymore. Worked fine yesterday evening
  12. Haven’t been able to snag a new egg, haven’t even seen one.. huh
  13. Snagged the silver, thanks so much!
  14. The tower defense game was super fun, not too time consuming and a cool little thing to do alongside your regular things personally I’d love to see something like it in the future again I nearly missed the eggs though, I logged on like at quarter to midnight and I didn’t even realize the eggs were going to disappear that soon - I managed to snag two thankfully. No zombies however, I killed them a bit too late and I think I lost the increased Halloween chances lol
  15. Well this was fun 😄 Killed my dragons a bit too late though, sadly no zombies and no normal revives-
  16. Round 69! I think I’ll barely make it to 70. Nothing compared to other people, but I feel I’m doing okay lol
  17. Nope, doesn’t seem to work on a mobile browser unfortunately ^^’ if you request a desktop site it might work - it has worked for me that way
  18. Cool! Doesn’t seem to work on mobile unfortunately ^^’
  19. Clicked on a bad egg, then went back and saw that a chicken was next c’: I’m such an idiot
  20. Tinypic shut down, I’m assuming nobody’s going to fix the images since the account isn’t really used anymore?
  21. Same Database Error message as everybody else for me too
  22. Have: Female Coral Pygmy 2nd September & CB Luminox egg Want: Male Coral Pygmy preferably 2nd September please! https://dragcave.net/teleport/e3ee976892c7dd9d45b9945752d3cb1e