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  1. LINEAGE PROJECT FORM All fields marked * are required. *Scroll link/forum name:https://dragcave.net/user/SuncatcherSeven *Lineage name:The Greyscale Lineage *Breeds of dragons involved:(Two of each)Whites, Frostbites, Blacktips, Boreals, Khusas, Storms, Stones, Ashes, Fels, Dark Luminas,Scimitar-wing Wyverns, Falconiform Wyverns, Terpentines, Black Truffles, Dorsals, Embers and Blacks *Type of lineage project:Starstep, 16 generations *What are your goals for this project?:To create a lineage which starts with a female White dragon, and ends in a female Black dragon, with the generations between going from light to dark shades of grey. How can others help?I would like to complete this project unaided Are you willing to help others with their projects and how?I can find and give eggs from the caves Notes about your projects:This is my first ever project! I joined the site very recently, and I thought I would start off my time here with a simple colour-based lineage. Progress so far: Searching the caves for a White dragon egg and a Frostbite dragon egg.
  2. I would like a mentor, please, for both the Forums and Dragon Raising. My time zone is GMT +1, but I can deal with most timezone differences : )