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  1. I have been working on a SoulPeace and Carina Lineage Project. I would like to offer eggs from this lineage to those looking for Carinas and SoulPeace dragons. If you wish to adopt an egg please fill out the form below. Usename: Dragon Type (SoulPeace/Carina/Either): Pairing (Pairing # or "Any"): First Gen SoulPeace Pairings 1. Dream Creamsicle x Mother of Soulpeace 2. A Simple Snow x Once Upon A Cloud 3. Peaceful-Beginning x Send-Me-A-Dream 4. Life Magicka x Sleeping Prophecy 5. Dreamers Beyond x Las
  2. I just got my first Dorkface! A White Dragon Egg, 4th gen! Super excited for it to hatch!
  3. 4th Gen Carina Dragon: https://dragcave.net/teleport/e289f3ecee7eef8c60449dc155fe5e81