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  1. I got home a few hours ago. Life is not going so well. Fights, nightmares, panic attacks getting more frequent.
  2. I'm so confused. My flight leaves in 25 minutes. After that, I won't be able to log in. With my work, I'll be missing the entire event and I just needed some help making sure plans for my dragons can be fulfilled while I'm away. I'm sorry for causing any inconvenience.
  3. Is it ok if my best friend takes care of my scroll while I'm gone? I will be at work for the next few months, hoping to be back by Easter though.
  4. I missed two flights because I didn't plan anything correctly and I've had less than four hours of sleep in the past few days. Finally on another plane now, hopefully coming home before Easter but that's a long shot.
  5. Thank you, I hope so too. Even just seeing a clear night sky or being able to get through sleep without terrifying nightmares would be a good present. Dog is my girl Blondi, the absolute light of my life and the only reason I have to keep living. A friend thankfully watches her when I'm gone, I don't have the heart to put her in boarding.
  6. I'm back. Not that anyone will remember me, or care. Been working for the past few months. Under a lot of stress right now, I almost had an anxiety attack when I finally got home for the first time in ages. I just got half an hour of sleep, have to leave in two days to go back to work. That means no Christmas, I'll probably be gone for at least three months.
  7. Finally back home, after about a week. Just to go straight back to work for another three months or more. No idea when I'll get home after that. Very stressful. I have ptsd which makes sleeping hard and the nightmares don't help. I need to go to bed now. Guten abend everyone and farewell.
  8. As usual, a stressful and tiring day. At least work keeps me distracted.
  9. My biggest fear is being loved again, depression swallowing me whole, having friends who stick around for more than a month or my parents passing before I do.
  10. I just really need someone to talk to. I'm useless and lost, there's no meaning to life. Whatever "life" is, it consists of going to work and taking a shower when I get home, there's so few distractions that do anything to keep me from crying myself to sleep every night. I'm haunted by demons that don't go away.