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  1. Finally back home, after about a week. Just to go straight back to work for another three months or more. No idea when I'll get home after that. Very stressful. I have ptsd which makes sleeping hard and the nightmares don't help. I need to go to bed now. Guten abend everyone and farewell.
  2. As usual, a stressful and tiring day. At least work keeps me distracted.
  3. My biggest fear is being loved again, depression swallowing me whole, having friends who stick around for more than a month or my parents passing before I do.
  4. I just really need someone to talk to. I'm useless and lost, there's no meaning to life. Whatever "life" is, it consists of going to work and taking a shower when I get home, there's so few distractions that do anything to keep me from crying myself to sleep every night. I'm haunted by demons that don't go away.