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  1. @HeatherMarie - Thanks for the explanation. I just wanted to be sure on the terms of how “rare” is rare. Now, I understand Unbreedables aren’t as rare as they used to be. It’s good to know these things, lol. @Kaini - It’s better to ask than not. Thanks.
  2. In the trading hub (not necessarily having access to the forums), if a rare egg such as an unbreedable was being offered, would asking for 8 eggs/hatchies be considered too much? I’m aware that only 4 items can be offered in one trade and asking for 8 will require two trades in the hub.
  3. @Confused Cat @Herk - thank you! That makes sense, lol. I overthought it, I guess.
  4. What does “LF” mean? I’ve been seeing it a lot in trades and at first, I thought it meant “lineage-free”. But, now I see it with lineage eggs, so I’m guessing that’s wrong.
  5. Gifting: Please name & don’t kill. Offer a random egg from the AP. 4g SAltkin (3 Blue Arcana & 1 Blue Mistletoe)
  6. Have: 4g SAltkin (4 blue alts in base) GONE Want: 2-4 CB Bronze/Gold Lunar Herald hatchies or 1 CB egg Have: CB Pink Zyu TRADED Want: 1 CB Bronze/Gold Lunar Herald egg/hatchie Have: CB Red Zyu (egg) TRADED CB White Zyu (egg) TRADED Want: 1 CB Bronze/Gold Lunar Herald egg/hatchie
  7. This is totally unexpected! Thanks TJ! It's a nice surprise. I'll definitely be hunting once I'm no longer egg locked, lol.
  8. Have: 3g SAltkin (Nhio x White Caligene) Stair Want: Any 1-2 CB of these (only 1 egg max): CB Gold Lunar Herald CB Bronze Lunar Herald
  9. Gifting: Please give them a good home. All I ask is to name them & don’t kill. Freezing is okay, if you wish. 3g Silver x Shadow Walker stair @Alesita, thanks! Enjoy! 4g Thuwed SAltkin Gone! 3g Purple x Solstice stair Gone! 3g Thuwed SAltkin Gone! 2g Aeon x Radiant Angel Gone! Still here: 3g Flamingo x Floral-crowned stair
  10. Gifting: Please give them good homes. All I ask is for them to be named & don’t kill. Freezing is okay, if you wish. 4g SAltkin. Enjoy @MessengerDragon 4g Gold Shimmer x Garland Gone! 3g Silver LH x Snow Stair Gone! 4g Bronze Shimmer x Arcana Stair Gone! 2g Blusang x Aegis Gone! 3g SAltkin (2 Blue Arcana) Gone! 2g Rainbow Copper x Erador Gone! 3g Razorcrest x Silver Gone!
  11. Have: 4g SAltkin Chrono (2 Blue Arcana, 1 Black Arcana & 1 Green Desipis) Want: Any 1 of these: CB Freckled CB Blancblack Other offer
  12. Thanks @tjenni for my pretty checker & thanks @wheeloftime13 for the raffle!
  13. Have: Cheese Want: Any 1 of these - must be nicely named (only Name codes will be accepted): 3g Prize Stair with Holiday mate 3g Prize Stair with Holiday alt in base 3g SAltkin (Christmas/Valentine alts) Red Dino CB Blusang CB Aeon If you’re feeling generous: 2g Prize with Holiday mate 2g Prize with Holiday alt in base 2g SAltkin If you’d like to discuss which mate I’d prefer before breeding, feel free to PM me.
  14. Congrats to you both! Family comes first. 😊
  15. Just saw this; thanks for showing me an example. I guess it does happen, but hybrids win most of the time. I’m going to rethink my lineage project again, lol.
  16. Have: 4g SAltkin (Erador alt & Garland alt); first egg of the pair Want: 1 CB or 2g (nicely named): Freckled Bright-breasted Wyvern Spotted Drake Blancblack (if CB hatchie(s), preferred female, but not necessary) Two-finned Bluna 3g-4g SAltkin swap
  17. What are the chances for a hybrid x common to produce a common?
  18. Adopted the third link. It's going to misgender. Would it be alright if I froze the hatchling? Edit: Alright, thank you! And, to ping someone just type "@" and the username of the person you want to ping. @Lushwave
  19. Have: 3g BS x Omen (bred for a trade I didn't get, so now it's up for offers) Want: Any 1 of the following with nicely named ancestors: 3g Prize stair 3g SAltkin Other offer of equal value
  20. Adopted! This’ll be my second Neotropical, lol. Thanks.
  21. Adopted the Monarch! I have a potential mate! Thanks. 😊
  22. Enjoy your broccoli, @Classycal!
  23. Have: CB Purple Dino Want: Any 1 of the following: CB Red Dino 2g Prize (nicely named) 2g SAltkin (nicely named) CB Gold Other Rare offer Have: CB Word code for cat lovers; “Meow” (on cooldown) Want: Any 1 of the following, unless otherwise noted: 2g SAltkin (nicely named) OR 2g Prize (nicely named) If you’d like to combine with Dino, must be able to offer 2 2g SAltkin for both eggs 2:2. Same terms apply for Prize; 2:2. It’ll be super awesome if I can choose the mate, PM to discuss. CB G
  24. Thanks Aqub for hosting & thanks for my gift (+ bonus), Kigyptnee & ValentineHeart.