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  1. Have: Purple Dino “what” code TRADED CB Pink Zyu TRADED Cheese “kray, crazy 8” code TRADED Cheese TRADED CB Xeno Pyro TRADED CB Xeno Astrapi & Ice hatchies TRADED Cheese CANCELLED Want: For Cheese 3-4 CB Alcedine hatchies No other offers; no eggs
  2. I saw these in Corteo’s signature and was quite intrigued, lol. The art is definitely gorgeous. I’ll be joining after posting this. Are there hatcheries that I can place them to increase clicking? I read that they don’t die, but the amount of clicks has an influence on their final form. Hoping to get as many different species as possible. 😅
  3. Have: CB Seasonal (Spring) & CB Yellow Zyu TRADED Want: 2-4 CB Blue Pargulus hatchies; can only take 2 eggs. No other offers
  4. Wow, I did not know that. Thanks for letting me know!
  5. I’m just curious since this is the first time I’ve seen it, but is it a glitch to see a hatchie at 7d 15h? Was stun used to add an extra day, perhaps? 🤔
  6. Bred a first egg from a pair, traded it and found out today the egg died. I’m thinking I should keep all first eggs from new pairs to avoid this heartbreak. Lesson learned. 😖
  7. @ValidEmotions thanks for letting me know!
  8. The adult dragons look beautiful & colorful! 😍 Apologies if this has been asked before, but I’d like a confirmation if the hybrids can be caught in-cave? I haven’t seen any thus why I’m asking.
  9. Happy birthday DC! 🎂 I can’t wait to catch them all!
  10. @purplehaze - Alright, thought so. Thanks for your help!
  11. I read the wiki page for Two-Headed Lindwyrms and didn’t see an answer for my question. Does anyone know how often they drop in the cave—more importantly in the Alpine biome? Is it at a certain hour at night? I know there rarity is listed as uncommon, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Have: 4 Random CB hatchies 4 Random CB hatchies Want: 1 CB Purple Two-Headed Lindwyrm (Alpine only)
  13. Yay for new release! I'm now happily egg locked, lol.
  14. Have: 1 CB Magma TRADED 1 3g SAltkin stair (RA alt) “3030” code CANCELLED 1 CB Red Zyu “Cut” code 1 CB Red Zyu “Jar” code Want: 1-2 CB Red hatchies 1-2 CB Stratos hatchies 1-2 CB Purple hatchies Other good offers (1 egg max)
  15. Have: CB Blancblack TRADED Want: CB Gold Lunar Herald CB Nilia Pygmy CB Stratos UPDATED 4/17/2020 Have: CB Spring "Bug"; word code TRADED Want: Good offers for word code (can only take 1 egg or 4 hatchies max) 3-4 CB hatchies of Stratos or Nilia Pygmies 1 CB/2g Surprise egg (nicely named) Have: CB Magma TRADED Want: 2 CB hatchies of Nilia Pygmies auto 1 CB Red low-time egg/hatchie 1 Other Rare offer
  16. Congrats to the winners & thanks to all the donors!
  17. Have: 1 CB “irk” Ice TRADED Want: 1 CB Bronze Lunar Herald 1 CB Orange Pyralsprite 2g Prize (nicely named) UPDATED 4/7/2020 Have: 1 CB Magma TRADED Want: 1 CB Bronze Lunar Herald 1 CB Orange Pyralsprite Have: 1 3g Ice from Male Gold; first egg from pair CANCELLED Want: 1 CB Gold Lunar Herald 1 CB Orange Pyralsprite 1 CB Nilia Pygmy 1 CB Crimson Flare Pygmy 1 CB Stratos 1 CB Crystalline UPDATED 4/9/2020 Hav
  18. Similar to the very first post, but 2 Vampires breeding a Neglected or a Zombie. The chances would be low since technically they’re dead, but it would be a nice option to have than the current one, lol. 😅
  19. Found in the AP (3g SAltkin): Claim my egg!
  20. Have: 1 CB Ice Want: 1 CB Spessartine Pyralsprite (Coast biome only; Orange color) UPDATED 4/3/2020 Have: 1 3g SAltkin (Blue Arcana & Mutamore) Want: 1 CB Spessartine Pyralsprite (Orange color)
  21. The "better version" dragons were a nice surprise. They made me laugh, lol. I didn't expect them at all. Good luck everyone! 🍀
  22. Have: 1 CB Pyro Xeno TRADED 1 CB Copper TRADED Want: 1 CB Lunar Herald (any color)