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  1. Have: 3g Prizekin (Kingcrowne x SS); found in AP (influenced correctly: female) CANCELLED (no interest) 3g SS x Witchlight CANCELLED (will hatch first) 4g Falconiform Wyvern (2 Desipis alt); arrow lineage, first egg from pair Want: (1 egg max; all lineages must be nicely named) 3g Silver Shimmer (male) from Kingcrowne (female) checker; I have a sibling to the Prizekin above. 3g Prize (checker or stair); 3g GS x Aegis, 3g SS x Heartstealing - either of these is auto) 3g SAltkin (any holiday) CB New Xeno (any breed); 1-3 hatchies is auto
  2. Have: 2g Obidar from Staterae parents TRADED Want: Rare offers; 1 egg max CB New Xeno (any breed) CB Blusang CB Copper (Green/Rainbow)
  3. I should've known! lol, I'm currently (almost) scroll locked, but the eggs look very interesting. Thanks for the release! 😆
  4. Thank you, both, for the clarification. I just wanted to know for future reference (in comparison to fake Thuweds) 😅
  5. All of TJ's Thuweds are labeled as 'Verified Thuwed', right?
  6. Have: Cheese CANCELLED (no interest) Want: Best offer of CB New Xeno hatchies; no eggs Other Rare offers
  7. Free to a good home. Please name, if possible. Offer 1 random AP egg. Gone, enjoy!
  8. Thanks @wheeloftime13 for hosting and good luck on your dissertation!
  9. Have: 3g Thuwed; first egg from pair, 100% Thuwed, precog Female CANCELLED Want: CB New Xenos 3g Thuwed swap 2g-3g Prize (must be nicely named) Other offers
  10. Have: 3g Gaia from Obidar, Gaia x Gold; first egg from pair CANCELLED (no interest) 3g Spirit Ward x White Kohraki; first egg from pair TRADED Want: CB New Xenos (more than 1 auto) CB Blusang CB Summer (M/F pair auto) CB LH 3g SAltkin swap (Christmas/Valentines alts) Other offers
  11. Have: 4g White x RA SAltkin (2 alts) stair; “fox” code & first egg from pair TRADED Want: 3g to 4g SAltkin swap (2 alts); must be nicely named CB New Xenos (any breed) 2g to 3g Prize lineages; must be nicely named Other offers
  12. Have: 3g SAltkin (Alcedine x White Kohraki); first egg from pair TRADED Want: 3g SAltkin swap (nicely named) CB New Xenos (any breed) Other offers; if lineages, 3g maximum and must be nicely named
  13. 3g White x Gold checker Offer a random AP egg, so I know it’s going to a good home. Naming would be appreciated. Thanks. Gone!
  14. I saw a Staterae & Pharos in the cave, but I was too slow to catch them.. 😔
  15. Quite a surprise! I wish I wasn’t egg locked, lol. Thanks!
  16. The description for Silver doesn’t fully register in my mind for a good half-second, lol. Just stared at one now before clicking. 😆😅 (I wasn’t fast enough, lol).
  17. Thanks for the eggs, I’ve picked them up. Thanks to Aqub for hosting.
  18. Thank you for my prizes & thanks wheeloftime13 for hosting the raffle!
  19. @Dirtytabs I clicked on ‘add to groups’ a few times on mobile version and it does bring me to a new page every time. I even tried clicking on the icon near ‘add to groups’, but end up with the same result. I’m looking for the drop-down menu instead of the new page. But I guess TJ changed it. @Fuzzbucket I’m glad it’s not only me that’s experiencing it, lol.
  20. @purplehaze Thanks for trying it out. I guess it’s just on mobile then or at least the tablet version. 🤔
  21. I’m not sure if this is a site feature test or something permanent, but I noticed when I’m on a specific dragon’s profile and add them to a group; it takes me to another page. It used to be a drop-down menu which was more convenient because it auto-saved the options. Currently, the new page doesn’t auto-save and depending on the number of groups, I have to scroll all the way down the page just to click ‘save’. I prefer the drop-down menu with auto-save as it’s more time efficient based on clicks & scrolling, in my opinion. I haven’t tried desktop version as I mostly play on my
  22. Firstly, I can understand how “offers” can sound too vague for the trade hub, including blank trades. It’s definitely a hit/miss deal, but that could also be said about the Trading Hub in general. I’m against this idea of ruling out words/phrases of “offers” or “free”. I use “free” in some of my trades when I’m asking for a random AP egg. I’m also against the idea of reporting every trade that has these words/phrases. Mainly because it’s subjective; some people may find it irritating and move on, while others find it rule-breaking and report. How people phrase things vary from one
  23. Last night, I dreamt that a Shimmer had triplets and I was fortunate enough to get 1 out of 3, lol. 😆
  24. I’m already getting addicted, lol.