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  1. Late to the party, apologies. Thanks for the reminder, though, lol. I sent some eggs to the AP despite it all. 😆
  2. Count me in! May I have a reminder as well? 🙂
  3. MoonShark, that white deer is beautiful. I’m hoping I get one too. 🤞
  4. Thanks! Will definitely check it out.
  5. I always find myself egg locked during a new release, lol. Oh well. Yay for new eggs!
  6. I didn’t know that. I’m not sure if they’re worth trading for (their offspring), but I’m tempted to collect them now, lol. 😆 Thanks to you both!
  7. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch, but I saw two dragons with 4-character codes instead of 5-characters. Was this the ‘norm’ before 5-character codes were implemented? Or, is it something else entirely?
  8. Thank you. This is very good to know (and use for future reference).
  9. What are 2g alts (Dark Green, Black, Green Spinel Wyvern) worth in trades? What’s the usual for these?
  10. Have: 4g SS x Light Lumina; SAltkin, first egg from pair TRADED Want: 1 CB/2g/3g offers CB Rare offers: Blusang, Aeon, New Xeno (Pharos preferred, but not necessary) Prize offers (stairs or checkers); must be nicely named 3g SS (male) x Dark Lumina (female); must be nicely named - auto
  11. I also support this as it adds to the ‘scroll completion list’ that I’m trying to aim for, lol.
  12. Thanks for this opportunity, Feesh!
  13. @Shadowdrake - Okay, I’ll post my results here regardless if it turns or fails. 🤞 Edit: The Storm egg died! 😞 I unfogged at xx:47:00 and placed it in 3 AR boxes & 1 hatchery. Then when I saw it at s3, I added 1 more hatchery. It died exactly at xx:48:49. I didn’t have a chance to kill it.
  14. @Shadowdrake - Oh, well... lol, I’ll try that for next time. Okay, I’ll set up everything now and hope for the best. Is there a specific timeframe of when I should kill it? Like when I see the big hole, s5? What if it doesn’t turn—kill it anyways? Thanks for your help!
  15. @Shadowdrake - the UV is at 102. It didn’t change to s1 until then..
  16. @Shadowdrake - I have a Storm dragon that I got from the AP. So, maybe just 1-2 hatcheries then?
  17. @Shadowdrake - I took your advice from Discord about starting with a few UV and having the egg be at s1. It’s a little less than an hour left to start my first experiment, but just wanted to know if using 3 devices will be enough to AR it? I’ll also put it in all hatcheries. I’m not going to teleport it as I don’t have a catcher, so we’ll see how this goes, lol. 🤞
  18. Saw a Blusang in the cave and missed it. But, I haven’t seen one Red in the cave since yesterday. 😕
  19. Have: 3g SAltkin (Alcedine x White Kohraki) CANCELLED; no interest, miscolored 2g Ke’maro from Staterae parents (found in AP) CANCELLED; no interest, abandoned 2g Obidar from GoN x Staterae NO INTEREST; froze Want: 1 CB egg max LH, New Xeno, Red, Aeon, Blusang Other offers welcome
  20. Have: 4g Saltkin (Falconiform Wyvern from 2 Desipis alts) - Last call until it hits ~ 4 days 5 hours TRADED Want: Any 1-4 of the following CB hatchies (currently egg locked): Spotted Greenwing Waterhorse Golden Wyvern Electric If possible (but not necessary), I need the following genders: Spotted Greenwing: 3 females, 2 males Waterhorse: 1 female Golden Wyvern: 1 male Electric: 1 female
  21. That makes sense. I mostly use my tablet and it has the ‘smart’ quotes built in, I think. But I’ll check into it. Hopefully it will solve the problem. I type in directly to the hub and don’t copy/paste anything because my ‘wants’ vary, lol. Thank you both for your help!
  22. I’m having problems using quotation marks “ ” and apostrophes ‘. I’ve tried several times and still get the error message. I used to be able to put those characters in before, so I’m not sure what’s going on. I also see other trades with those special characters—not sure if it’s just on my end.