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  1. I know Alcedine colors are random until they hatch, but can I use color sort to determine which color they’ll be? I tried it, but it didn’t give me a concrete answer as the egg sorted between blue & brown. If it were brown, would the egg be sorted at the end of the brown Alcedines?
  2. Gifting: 4g SAltkin (Green Desipis & Snow, Blue Mutamore & Solstice) 4g SAltkin (Blue Arsani & RA, Black RA) Thanks @Moriaty Will grow up in 7 hours, must be influenced male
  3. Have: 4g SAltkin (Blue Arsani, Blue RA & Black RA) Want: Any 1 of these: CB Purple CB Aeon CB Blusang CB Lunar Herald CB Red
  4. @Paintra - Thanks for the quick reply! 😊 Edit: The ones I wanted exalted have all avoided the attack, lol. Well, I’ll try again next time.
  5. I’m planning to get an exalted Pitfire, but I want to know first—when they’re reborn, does it show a date? Example: Reborn: November 9th, 2020. If it does, I might plan for a specific date instead.. 😆
  6. Free 3g Arcana x Omen with Silver Tinsel in base; misgender. Will grow up in 4 hours. Thanks @DarkellaLord If you take it, it’s yours—do whatever you want with it.
  7. Free 3g Pink Omen SAltkin; misgender. Will grow up in 5 hours. GONE You can do whatever you want to it. It’s yours if you take it.
  8. Have: CB Male Pitfire; stunned for 1 day (will fog if it gets sick) CANCELLED Want: 2g SAltkin (nicely named; no codes, unless Name codes): PM me for mate choice Will decline if I already have pairing If 2g Halloween, it must be gendered correctly 2g Prize from SA (nicely named; no codes unless Name codes) Christmas/Valentine preferred PM me for mate choice for auto accept
  9. These eggs make me want to have the option of freezing them. xD I wonder how many more are out there..
  10. @MissK. - That’s good enough for me. I’ll most likely try next year when I catch more, lol.
  11. @Stromboli - That is very good to know! Thank you! Out of curiosity, has anyone tried killing the second form? Will that have an option to ‘revive’ and have a chance to turn into a zombie? 😅
  12. If we need to kill the Pitfires to get the second form, what are the chances that they might turn into zombies instead? Is getting the second form higher than turning into a zombie? 🤔
  13. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Solaries Scroll Name: Solaries Group Name: Sol’s Secret Santa 2020; leetle tree as placeholder Wishlist: (All lineages must be nicely named) 1. CB Gold/Silver, CB Staterae, CB Gendered/Ungendered Neglected, 2g Prize (No Olive, Albino, Black, Pyrovar please), 2g SAltkin, 2g Tercorn x Black Sweetling, 2g from Female Holly (No Olive, Albino, Black, Pyrovar please), CB Name codes only (Format: Xxxxx): Solar, Aries, Oreos, Kirby, Yoshi, CB all-number codes, “CB” Vampire bit from 2008 Vampire from Cave (nicely named), 2g from Upside down Mint
  14. I'm also having log-in issues (both on my iPad and my computer). The problem first started with my iPad and when I logged on to the forums and then on the main site, I was able to log on. However, I tried that from my computer and it still won't let me log on to the main site. Both times I've used Safari, so I also don't think it's a specific browser issue. This actually worked for me, so I guess I'll be doing that from now on then, lol.
  15. Killed three frozen hatchies as my first attempt. Two turned to dust and one turned into a zombie! My very first one! 🥰
  16. I’m not able to play the game on my iPad. It shows the intro and I was able to input a name, but after that, I get a black screen with text stating, “Something went wrong.” I haven’t tried my computer yet, so I’ll see if anything changes.
  17. Have: 3g Silver Tin x Sweetling; first egg, precog female Want: 2-4 CB Nilia, Crimson Flare, or Common Pygmies (hatchies only - egg locked) No other offers
  18. Have: 3g Prizekin (Pyralsprite x Bronze Shimmer); first egg from pair CANCELED; no interest Want: 3g Prize swap 3g SAltkin CB Blusang, Lunar Herald (any color), or Aeon Other offers welcomed No messy lineages
  19. In my quest to find an Autumn egg in the cave, I completely missed an Aeon and only realized it after I clicked to a different biome. 😒
  20. Solaries


    Here’s the link: Terminology Page. 🙂
  21. This egg shakes slightly when taken out of the light. Found in Forest. You hear a soft melody as you approach this egg. Found in Coast & Jungle. Not sure if they’re found in other biomes.
  22. This is a surprise, lol. I’m currently scroll locked, but hopefully I can catch these later today. Thanks for the new release!
  23. Have: 2g “Zoe’s” Silver x Thunder; precog female CANCELLED Want: 1 offer on 2g Word/Name code Can only take 1 egg (currently egglocked) CB egg/hatchie(s): Blusang, Aeon, Pharos 2g Prize/kin (Christmas/Valentine mate); Aegis x GS or SS x Heartstealing; either auto - must be nicely named