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  1. Have: 2g PB Fools Mint; first egg TRADED


    Want: (nicely named - no tags; 5-letter word/name codes are acceptable)

    • 1 2g Prize x SAlt
    • 1 2g SAlt
    • 1 2g PB Fools Mint Bloodswap
    • 1 CB Neglected
  2. Have: 3g SAltkin (Blue Mutamore & Arcana) TRADED



    • 1 CB Rift egg or Male hatchie
    • 1 CB Red Female Gemshard (will not accept egg)
    • No other offers


    Have: 3g Checker SAltkin (Two White Caligene)3g Checker SAltkin (Two White Caligene); both are not related to each other


    Want: (For each trade)

    • 1 CB Rift egg or Male hatchie
    • 1 CB Red Female Gemshard (will not accept egg)
    • No other offers
  3. Have: 4g SAltkin (Blue Glystere, Hellhorse, Blue Rosebud & Blue Mutamore in base) TRADED



    • 1-2 CB Rift Male hatchies or 1 CB Rift egg
    • 1-2 CB Red Female Gemshard hatchies (will not accept Gemshard egg)
    • No other offers
  4. Have: 2g Chrono from Stat parents TRADED


    Want: (1 egg max)

    • 1 3g SAltkin (nicely named - no tags, numbers, unnamed, scrambled codes as ‘names’; Name codes are okay)
    • 2 CB Red hatchies
    • Other offers
  5. Has anyone seen the eggs in the cave after their release date? I’m trying to gauge how often I can grab them.. 🤔 I haven’t seen any since the release which makes me wonder if their rarity will be uncommon or rare.

  6. Have:

    Cheese; Z-code TRADED



    • Any 1 CB of the following: Xeno (Chrono, Umbra), Aeon, or Blue Dino
    • 2g SAltkin, if you’re feeling generous




    CB Xeno Mageia; “The Ex-Boyfriend” code CANCELLED



    • Any 1 CB of the following: Xeno Umbra or Aeon
    • Blue Dino, if you’re feeling generous
  7. Gifting for Secret Santa participants only (for your giftee or for Santas):

    Offer 1 random AP egg, so I can keep track if you’re on the list or not. Enjoy! 🙂


    3g SAltkin checker Nhio x Calligene; first egg. GONE

    3g EG SAltkin Alcedine x White Kohrakis; first public egg. GONE


    I’ll be on in a few hours if I don’t get any offers in the next 10 minutes.

  8. All these cookies look fantastic!


    @Auriene - if you have anymore bird cookies, I’d love to have one! 😊


    Also, if anyone makes a Grinch cookie and/or Cookie Monster, may I have one (or both), please? 😅

    I’ll send a cookie in return, but mine are simple, lol.


    Edit: @lovecats99 - I’ll take one, if that’s okay!

  9. 1 hour ago, Moriaty said:

    Simple lil thing. I'm not actually familiar with the character but randomly saw that when browsing my phone and XD


    If anyone's interested lmk or it's going in the gift above thread tmr





    If Totoro is still available, I would love to have one! 😍