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  1. Have: 2g PB Fools Mint; first egg TRADED Want: (nicely named - no tags; 5-letter word/name codes are acceptable) 1 2g Prize x SAlt 1 2g SAlt 1 2g PB Fools Mint Bloodswap 1 CB Neglected
  2. Have: 3g SAltkin (Blue Mutamore & Arcana) TRADED Want: 1 CB Rift egg or Male hatchie 1 CB Red Female Gemshard (will not accept egg) No other offers Have: 3g Checker SAltkin (Two White Caligene) & 3g Checker SAltkin (Two White Caligene); both are not related to each other Want: (For each trade) 1 CB Rift egg or Male hatchie 1 CB Red Female Gemshard (will not accept egg) No other offers
  3. Have: 4g SAltkin (Blue Glystere, Hellhorse, Blue Rosebud & Blue Mutamore in base) TRADED Want: 1-2 CB Rift Male hatchies or 1 CB Rift egg 1-2 CB Red Female Gemshard hatchies (will not accept Gemshard egg) No other offers
  4. Have: 2g Chrono from Stat parents TRADED Want: (1 egg max) 1 3g SAltkin (nicely named - no tags, numbers, unnamed, scrambled codes as ‘names’; Name codes are okay) 2 CB Red hatchies Other offers
  5. I missed the following in the caves (one after the other): Blusang, Xeno, and Gold. 😔
  6. Thank you for verifying @Bambi! That’s good news! 😊
  7. Has anyone seen the eggs in the cave after their release date? I’m trying to gauge how often I can grab them.. 🤔 I haven’t seen any since the release which makes me wonder if their rarity will be uncommon or rare.
  8. Thanks for this! I tried it and got the hybrid egg! 🤩
  9. Thanks for the release! Can’t wait for them to hatch/grow up!
  10. Congrats to all the winners! @wheeloftime13 - Just letting you know, #26 is missing a winner.
  11. Have: CB Lumina “1Simp” (caps messed) Want: 1 CB Staterae 1 CB Gold 1 2g SAltkin (nicely named; no tags, Roman numerals, etc); word codes are fine 1 2g Prize x SA (nicely named) or, 1 Very Good offer Open to PMs to discuss if you’d like.
  12. Adopted the 3g stairstep. Thanks!
  13. Have: Cheese; Z-code TRADED Want: Any 1 CB of the following: Xeno (Chrono, Umbra), Aeon, or Blue Dino 2g SAltkin, if you’re feeling generous NEW TRADE Have: CB Xeno Mageia; “The Ex-Boyfriend” code CANCELLED Want: Any 1 CB of the following: Xeno Umbra or Aeon Blue Dino, if you’re feeling generous
  14. Gifting for Secret Santa participants only (for your giftee or for Santas): Offer 1 random AP egg, so I can keep track if you’re on the list or not. Enjoy! 🙂 3g SAltkin checker Nhio x Calligene; first egg. GONE 3g EG SAltkin Alcedine x White Kohrakis; first public egg. GONE I’ll be on in a few hours if I don’t get any offers in the next 10 minutes.
  15. Have: CB Green Copper TRADED Want: (for Secret Santa) Any 1 CB of the following: Xeno (Chrono, Umbra), Chicken, Aeon. Or, 1 2g SAlt
  16. 3g Wrapping-Wing x Green GONE
  17. Thanks so much! It’s so pretty! 🤩
  18. All these cookies look fantastic! @Auriene - if you have anymore bird cookies, I’d love to have one! 😊 Also, if anyone makes a Grinch cookie and/or Cookie Monster, may I have one (or both), please? 😅 I’ll send a cookie in return, but mine are simple, lol. Edit: @lovecats99 - I’ll take one, if that’s okay!
  19. If Totoro is still available, I would love to have one! 😍
  20. I didn’t know we couldn’t get more CB Holidays on top of last year.. I thought it was limited to two every year/holiday (excluding Halloween). That’s too bad, oh well. 🤔