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    Warded Egg Death

    Ohh, I see. Although putting it on many fan sites at once was an accident in this case, lol. Usually I wait until they have five days left and then put them on one or two. I had another egg that was ER though and I guess forgot that I also had this brand new one around when I started placing them in hatcheries.
  2. Richarad

    Warded Egg Death

    Well it was caveborn -- I actually grabbed it from one of the cave biomes without thinking, lol. Just saw a non-volcano pyralspite description pop up and went "ooh, gimmie!" and then remembered I already had all of those and didn't need duplicates at the moment. As you can see on the page (via "birth"date and the death date), and from what I've said previously, it happened within a very short time period. Are pyralspites particularly fragile eggs...?
  3. Richarad

    Warded Egg Death

    I have an egg who became sick last night from too many views. So, naturally, I fogged it and used one of my white dragons' Ward actions to keep it from dying. Come the next morning, the egg was dead. I know the ward only lasts for six hours, but I was under the assumption that the whole point of the action was a sort of failsafe to ensure a fogged, sick dragon didn't die and had plenty of time to heal its sickness. It hadn't been sick for very long when I fogged and warded it, so I'm unsure why it died. The page does, in fact, say that it died of sickness, so it wasn't by some other means. Here is the dead egg, although I suppose it doesn't matter now past simply being proof of existence: https://dragcave.net/view/LNj7R I actually already have a pyralspite of each variety, so I'm not too torn on the matter, but I wanted to ask about it in case it can happen again to an egg I really, really care about (such as one of the legendary dragons or so, due to their rarity and difficulty to obtain).