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  1. It's amazing seeing how long some people have been on here 😍. I haven't known this game for very long but I hope to have the same dedication and love for this game as y'all do. You old timers are amazing and I'm so glad that I joined such a strong community of dragon lovers
  2. Can't believe I'm late to the celebrations lol. I hope I can get them all. Happy hunting everyone.
  3. I should be taking my car to get it's taillight replaced but instead I'm going to go back to bed and play The Sims 4.
  4. I love the new backgrounds! Everything is so pretty and detailed.
  5. New dragons and they already look so cute! I can't to see what they're like as adults
  6. I have some weird collections... I collect: Chinese fortune cookie paper slips Unicorn music boxes and figurines Anime figurines Breyer Horse figurines Stickers Pins and buttons Pokemon Videogames
  7. I've been to all states on the east coast and I went on a free cruise to Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and Haiti.
  8. I took out the trash and worked on a paper!
  9. I am loving this event! I already have 18 crazy eggs and hope to get as many as possible before time runs out. I wish I understood more of the references though 😔