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  1. Congrats everyone! Just a note to whoever picks/gets one of my offered prizes, you are free to pm me with your request or post here about it, but I am currently preparing for a week long trip where I will not have service or wifi. You will get your prize from me, I just wont be able to get to it until monday the 7th, or possibly the 6th for sure. There may be a time when I am able to connect but as I am not 100% certain, expect to hear back from me around later sunday or monday. 


    Thank you for your patience, and thank you for making it to the end of the project with me and the rest! It was a fun experience for sure and one I would be happy to participate in again. 20 weeks was a great amount of time. 

  2. The Lineage does not get longer!


    Finishing the project out at generation 19, so close, but it just was not meant to be I guess.


    And because I didnt do it right last time. Also for a refresher

    I would like to offer a prize! 

    Description of What You'll Breed/Have Bred:

    I can offer one from the project, or an egg from Cinnamon Waffle Queen with your choice of partner. 

  3. I might be able to finish!!! But probably not.....if only I'd paid attention to my lack of male pillows....


    The Lineage gets longer!

    Proof (link to egg's lineage): Egg

    What Gen are you on now?: 19

    Today's Date: September 17th

    Forum Name: Verandi

    Scroll Link (optional): Scroll

    Challenge Group Link (required:) Group


    as for prizes, I can offer one from the project, or an egg from Cinnamon Waffle Queen with your choice of partner. 

  4. I got my little watermelon Montague back! And I have a little project going with Anagallis and bbws right now and I'm biting anything that isnt what I need. This last pairing doesnt want to breed right for me lately. 

  5. have an update!


    Countess Arami Montague bites the egg and it is transformed into a vampire. However, your other dragons become repulsed by the egg and toss it away from you.


    Little lost child