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    Flight Rising

    I realllllyyyyy loved the Greenskeeper apparel and familiar this year! Look so good on my boy Leidri
  2. Rypnami


    i dont know if this is a bug and tbh im kinda worried that my scroll got deleted or something i can view the cave alright but when I try to go to my scroll I get this message:
  3. uh oh thats a lot of pygmies
  4. Rypnami

    Wings of Fire

    yeah, I love this series!! COUGHexcept the fanservice of a character that several dragon saw get killed and previously had a different name but apparently he lived and is now called "Sky"COUGH
  5. i can't wait! i only have two and i;m egglocked but some are about to hatch. I can't wait to breed/collect!
  6. so i used incubate to get the brown Xol egg, and even though I owned one egg, it still has a dark shadow? now that it has hatched the stage one bb is filled in but the egg is still dark. Glitch?
  7. Rypnami

    ANSWERED:xeno bug?

    alright, thank you all for your help!
  8. Rypnami

    ANSWERED:xeno bug?

    ok so quick question, how is this possible? It it a bug? neither of those dragons have Astrapi Xeno in their lineage, and I don't have one on m scroll I'll take it, i just don't know if the game is glitching or something.
  9. Hi I have a question! So I got the upsideown egg, but does it also hatch upsideown? Or is it only the egg? I'm sorry this is my first time participating in this event so IDK what to do :0
  10. This just absolutely made me day! Thanks for this! 😂
  11. I didn't know this was a thing and clicked randomly and now have an upsideown green egg I'm so confused lmao
  12. I got lucky, got them both before the caves got empty haha. Such beautiful eggies!
  13. My OCD was driving me nuts so I had to get rid of the "Observe ___ for next unlock." I did but I stg if i see another Aeira Gloris dragon I will cry
  14. So today I saw that red unlock message under the Aeira Gloris (?) dragon. It said "view 5 hatchlings or raise 1 hatchling" As someone with OCD i wanted it to go away, so I visited friends' scrolls and clicked on dragons in the hatching club. I clicked 5, then the message changed to "observe 3 adults or raise 1 adult" so I did that and the message changed to "view 7 hatchlings or raise 1" but it says I've observed like 17. No matter now many times I continue to click new dragons, the message changes over and over again. What the heck is going on?
  15. Is there a way to save how I filter my dragons? It never saves, and I want to only see my ungrouped dragons. Is there a way to change it like you change the sorting order of the dragons? I think I've seen other accounts do that, but I have no idea how
  16. I always change how my dragons are sorted, but when I click away and then come back, the setting is default again. Is there a way to save my sorting options? It is getting tiresome to constantly change back to the way I prefer it
  17. It seems like every time i have enough shards for the cheese dragon, when I go to the market to buy it the price has gone up again. What is with that?
  18. Happy b-day! I already got all the new dragons